Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday 1st February

Todays report comes from Russ Smith.  

Today despite the bitter cold still had a good turn out and made good progress on a number of fronts.

Maurice Norman preparing some of the timbers from within SO 4790 for re-varnishing.


With Peter Fisher doing some welding on one of the new Top Hat bars of 4790 the structrual repairs are progressing well. we shall soon be able to reposition and hand the door.

John Hamer using an angle grinder on the other side of the Disabled carriage.

 Russ Smith painted the primer coat on the headboard for the forthcoming Titanic Centenary Night special train.

Steve Barnfield working the jig-saw to produce some specially shaped pieces of hardwood.


Mike Blakeman doing some more work on the door pillar insert for a middle door of 4790.

(As usual despite our efforts the doors and entrances are lagging behind. Peter)

John Hill finishing off the new covering on one of the seat arms shown in last Saturday's picture.

Eddie Paddon shaping another door pillar insert.

Most of them have needed replacement on this carriage!

Again working around the doors Derek O'Brien drilling a hole into a new mounting bracket for one of the door steps of 4790.
I look forward to seeing the progress when I am in tomorrow.
Thanks Russ for todays report and some great pictures.

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