Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday 15th February

Half term so I have been looked after by the Grand-Daughters today. Thus our report for the day comes from Rod Wells thanks Rod.

A much better temperature today at 9 degrees with 17 signed in during the morning.
This dwindled to just 9 for the afternoon.

I arrived late to find a conference in progress round the double door wheelchair access in SO 4790. The result was John Hammer agreed the position was finally good. The door was then removed to allow the skin to be fitted before final fitting.

Peter Fisher will be pleased now he can tackle the other end for change.

A visit to CK 7221 revealed  no work being done today. However, the coach’s special ambulance feature was now very visible since the panelling has been removed, one of the main windows opens to allow stretchers to be load into the compartment. There are locks on the out side and handles on the inside.

The same compartment viewed from the outside shows how much work is needed on the skin.

Today the upholstery coach was very cosy whilst John Hill and Dave and Penny Dron were worked on the “new build”  single seat for the disabled area of 4790.
This seat will match the standard single seat that exists on the other side of the carriage. The carriage has a 2 -1 seating split. This seat has had to be cutdown from a double seat because we couldn't find a spare single seat swab. Looks like a good job folks.

The tables for the RBr got some more attention today with new Formica being applied to some.
The on-going task of 4790 lampshades refurbishment continued with scraping and sanding of the bases and Rod filling a badly dented example of “soft furnishing” and painting others.
Quite how something mounted 6 feet in the air can get so badly dented is amystery!

Then into 4790 to sand down some water stained wall panelling ready for Eddie Paddon to apply some of his magic own brand stain before varnishing.  This is his own blend to get the right colour match.

A steady days progress then but with the door pillar now in place, I suspect we shall see some quick leaps forward. Thanks Rod for the pictures and report.

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