Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday February 9th

Another bitterly cold day but still 15 willing worker signed in.

Thanks to Jeff we now have a very tidy tower containing all the new screws properly sorted.

The RBr kitchen continues to require attention with a number of fiddle jobs to be completed. We still have to get the gas system tested, the boiler tested and the kitchen area hygiene certified. here Robin is repainting the drawers after re sanding the sides. With all the paint on they started sticking. So they have had to be 'slimmed down'. A job for the workshop.

In the carriage itself Ron, Roger and Paul were hard at work.

Painting shelves and replacing screws.

Rod Wells and Dave braved the chill air to clean up and paint the replacement bogie under the RBr.

Dave was again hard at work sanding the panelling in the entrance vestibule of CK 7221 at least he was out of the wind.

The door behind him is in the workshop, paint stripped and undergoing a total overhaul.

Ron Bennett was again working on some of the wall light fittings for SO 4790 you can see here the modification the a single bulb from a double fitting. The new light bulb regulations affecting us all a real problem for heritage railways. This helps preserve our limited stock of bulbs a bit longer.

Elsewhere on 4790 it was largely the welder day. Malcolm was again shaping the roof patch for the west end of the carriage. He finally has it fitting, the problem being every adjustment meant a climb down and back up the work tower. With luck it will be welded in place on Saturday.

Pete Fisher was again working on the vestibule door entrance and John Osborn was cutting sections of steel ready for fitting once Malcolm can move the work tower.

I completed the removal of the now redundant electrical heating connectors from the east end and removing the lower section of the end plate to facilitate restoration of the main pillars.

Having removed the first section of plate you can see the build up of rust at the base of one of the pillars. In this case the pillar proved to be in pretty good condition. However,  you can see the rivets of an earlier repair. That sections has also now gone and a whole new section will be put back when all the other tidying up has been completed.

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