Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday 2nd February

With the second big shunt of the week scheduled there was a turn out of 21 on what proved to be a fruitful day.

The team gather to check notes or chat you can decide that one.
This shunt required both diesel shunters and the end result was the successful retrieval of another pair or spare bogies from way down the siding beside the workshop.

The elephant van was also moved from its place at the end of the severed line to Toddington to a position where we can get at it.

With the shunt in progress I didn't have to walk round yard for pictures they came passed me. See how the signal doesn't move.

With the cold it was a day for staying in the workshop. While a little was done on the RBr the real focus was on SO 4790.

Peter Fisher was in early and finished the door post bracing and hinge mounts by corner 2 at the Winchcombe end. Then he switched to the Toddington end to install the first new sections of structural steel work there after I had made a little adjustment to the surrounding woodwork so that he didn't set it on fire while welding.

Malcolm continues his rebuilding of the Winchcombe end of the roof.

John Squires prepared a piece of steel to fill the hole.

While John Osborn started restructuring the Winchcombe end corridor connection portal. This is needed because of the removal of the two toilets and the creation of an entrance vestibule the swing opening door has to be replaced with a sliding door.

Richard Johnson brought 2 wheelchairs in to test the space available in the newly created disabled area. It is viewed here through the newly widdened sallon entrance.

We want ensure a travel experience that is the same for everybody.

Seat for the rest of the passengers would help Richard.

Ron Bennett continued with the modification of the light fittings to single bulb units. While Jeff and John continued the arduous task of sorting the supply of screws of which there are hundreds.

Cheryl, who wasn't the only one having a cuppa while the workshop warmed up a bit, did some tidying up of the new sealant applied to the windows. The style of flat sided carriages seen on 4790 was an early design and the leakage problems encountered in BR days resulted in the later version with an outer frame.

Tony Barnard located the runners for the new sliding door mention above and gave them a thorough de-grease and clean. He then found the door and started on that sanding down ready for repainting one side and varnishing the other.

After giving Tony a hand with the runners I finished the day with the chain saw cutting some old sleepers into three bits each. They will be used to assist with the jacking and packing of the bogies when we do some more work on the troublesome ones.


Richard said...


The Elephant Van you refer to is actually a former Great Western Bogie Scenery Van, codenamed 'Monster'. We are planning to use it for storage.

During the shunt, ground signals were used, which is why the signal in the photos is still showing 'on'.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Phil Scott who is writing a detailed GWR Stock Book tells us that this is a very important vehicle being the only one of its kind.

Let's us know when the books out we look forward to it Phil