Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday 16th February

Another sunny day but only 12 clocked on. While there is work to be done a lot is waiting on the completion of the west end panelling and door fitting.

John Hamer borrowed Pat Green's truck for a trip to Cardiff to pick up some ex-Sprinter heavy duty batteries. 

When I popped in it was good to see Malcolm up the scaffold tower working on the roof infill section. He did have to go up and down a bit getting the curvature right before welding it in place. He got some help from Pete Lucas using the heavy press.

He also got some help from Ben and John.

Ben Carroll working on another new corner at the Barn end of 4790 under the supervision of grandfather John. The individual sections can clearly be seen. Each one is cut, moulded to the shape of the corner, secured with a temporary screw, and then spot-welded to the one above. When the column is complete, it will be taken down, the spot welds cleaned up, and then the sections fully welded. Finally, the column will be trimmed and then painted in red oxide, ready for welding into place on the corner. Although very much a bit-by-bit process, the effort is very worthwhile and enables John to match exactly the complex curvature of the coach body corner.

Just as Paul thought he was coming to the end of cleaning the kitchen equipment for RBr 1672 he discovered we have to also do the same for RBr 1675 before the new season starts as it will probably be in the Chocolate and Cream Rake at the start of the season. So it wa back to cleaning grills.

and  Cheryl painting two of the hob plates.

meanwhile work on 1672 continues apace. Ron Woodruff spent much of the day finishing the interior with Executive Grey paint.

Ron Bennett fixed the undersink leak

Paul, having sprayed the oven plates with oven black, now carefully bakes the paint with a hot air gun.

Having got the replacement bogie in place under the RBr it now needs cleaning and painting. John Hughes in action.

The headboard for the White Star Line Special is also progressing well.

We also had a visit from Bob Keyte, with two friends, for a tour of C&W. So Dave got to play tour guide again.  As part of their tour, Dave took the group up to see the start of the major restore of Chicken Curve. 

Work on the internal fittings for SO 4790 continues.
Pete Lucus continued cleaning and painting the table supports. 

and cleaning up and painting more parts of the metal light covers.

After lunch, several other members of C&W also went to have a look. With all the trees and shrubbery removed, some major earth clearance done, bundles of plastic piping around, and bits of heavy machinery, it already looks very impressive. 

Thanks to Dave for some of the photos today. As I said I only popped in on my way to an airport to depart for some winter sunshine and WARMTH!!! So while I hope to bring you some news forwarded to me there will be a lack of pictures for a couple of weeks. Well, nobody wants to others lazing on a beech do they? (plus I haven't found how to get the iPad to upload pictures. I had to borrow my daughters laptop for this report.)

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