Sunday, 26 February 2012


It's another very sunny day here - 21 C a sangria and double chocolate ice cream day! Especially as a celebration of our 1st month with over 4000 hits on the blog, achieved yesterday!

Here is Saturday's report from Dave C.

Saturday had 14 in, and yet again we were blessed with excellent weather. This was particularly ideal because it enabled a concerted effort on the two bogies standing outside the Barn, that were destined for RMB 1876 to replace its faulty ones. To the sound of much tapping, scraping, and brushing, Andy, Dennis, Cheryl, Phil Jones, Bob Mac, Chris, Nicky, and myself, over the course of the day gradually removed much of the old peeling coating, green algae, rust and dirt. In an ideal world we would have these grit blasted and sprayed, but with the coach due in service during the forthcoming Gold Cup Festival, time is somewhat limited, never mind the expense. By the end of the day, the bogies looked in a lot better shape, and as such the two sides can be painted which will considerably improve their appearance. Thank you everyone for such a fantastic effort!

In the meantime, RBr 1672 was shunted out of the Barn and placed in the siding alongside, and RMB 1876 moved inside on the Jack road. This enabled its bogies to be taken out and moved down the yard, where one of them decided to "hit the dirt", but the use of two heavy jacks and a willing team soon had it rerailed. Once out of the way, we then hand-shunted the two replacement bogies from  the loco road to the Jack road - great scrum training this - and then carried on with the clean-up process. Bogies with stuck axle boxes will run under a carriage without much issue but free them of the weight of the carriage body, well over 20 tons, and the become very scitish. Peter

Later on, Richard, Phil Salter, Dennis, Andy and Bob Mac began refitting the brake rigging and generally oiling up where required. Finally at the end of the day, both bogies were pushed to their relevant positions and choc'd under the RMB.

In the Workshop, Grenville completed the job of screwing the aluminium rims back on to the re-covered tables for 4790. I later assisted Gren in getting them stored away with the rest of internal fittings for this vehicle.

John Squires set about repeating his excellent work on 4790's steam heating piping, but this time at the Barn end of the coach.He managed to remove the badly corroded section, but will need the coach up on the Jacks this time to be able to refit the replacement pipework.

Also in 4790, Bob Keyte put the final coat of varnish on the veneer panelling in the central vestibule. In the Barn-end compartment, Bob also sanded down and added more stain to the water-marked parts of the veneer next to some of the windows (I had shown these to Eddie when he had popped in earlier, and he recommended this). The final result should now look quite good. Bob later moved out to the Monster Van to continue removing the peeling internal paint.

John Osborn and grandson Ben were also busy, getting the final corner section ready for 4790. What was of particular note is that nearly all of the final welding of the individaul sections was done by Ben, and in John's words, he made a very good job of it too. Well done Ben! John also made a new plate cover for Steve Madge, for his Class 20 diesel which stands on the siding next to the Workshop.

Finally, Richard and I attended a meeting with Malcolm Temple, Alan Bielby, Richard Drewitt, and Mark Young (the Railway's architect) to discuss the C&W Paintshop. In effect, thanks to the wonderful legacy left by Bill Ellesmere, we should eventually end up with not only a paint shop, but new and larger facilities for both our and Building Services woodworking teams, and our Upholstery team, plus a new and larger Mess Room, and more storage. With the move of the Woodworking team this will enable more heavy engineering in the Workshop, including a proper place to be able to do bogie refurbishment. As Malcolm says, it's a real "win, win, win" all round, especially as it is of great benefit to others as well as ourselves.

Dave C.

Thanks Dave and very good news as well. Peter

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