Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Saturday and sitting in the sunshine in Tenerife. Temperature 20 degrees CENTIGRADE!

Apparently a little further north and you missed most of the sunshine as Dave's report shows.

Dave says:
16 in attendance and it was a busy day with mixed weather, initially quite cold and windy, followed by rain, but finally ending with some glorious sunshine.

For Richard, Andy, Phil and Dennis, the rain was not so welcome during another long bout of shunting with further bogie exchanging taking place, some in preparation for the replacement of the two faulty bogies under the maroon RMB next Thursday. The bogie in the Workshop has now been removed and the area tidied up, providing a bit of welcome space. With all the shunting completed, Richard, Phil and Andy started refitting the brake blocks and rigging to the new bogie under RBr 1672. Andy used the pressure oiler to lubricate the various moving parts.

Also in the Barn, John Hamer worked with Steve Madge (from the Diesel Department) sorting out the ex-Sprinter batteries that they had brought back from Cardiff on Thursday.

During the morning Richard and Hilary Summers (Head of OTC) visited us to review the status of both the new RBR 1672 and currently running RBr 1675, and discuss with Paul what was left to do prior to the new season starting on March 10th. This included the forthcoming Hot Boiler testing and Gas Safety Inspections for 1672, and the preparations for keeping 1675 running until 1672 can take over. Paul continued with his work in both RBr kitchens.

In the Workshop, it was business as usual with SO 4790. Chris and Nicky worked on the door portal at the east end (Workshop side), removing all the old wood framing. This took quite some time as bits of the framing proved to be somewhat stubborn to say the least. At the other end of the Workshop, John Osborn and grandson Ben cut and prepared new metal panelling for the west end. By the end of the day, it was good to see the new panelling welded in and painted in red oxide. During the morning Martin continued with the refurbishment of the light shades, painting top coat white on the interiors, and top coat Brown on the outside surfaces. Eddie also popped in during the morning, and one of the things he did was apply stain to the central vestibule veneer panel that had been badly marked, and thus sanded right back to bare wood, to see how well this would come out - the remaining panels in this vestibule are less worn and, having had a light sand only, can now be re-varnished.

Some of the tables for RBr 1672 have been recovered with the new Formica, and as such Grenville started the lengthy job of refitting the aluminium surrounds to these.

Both Cheryl and Dave got involved with painting, with yet more kitchen items from the two RBrs, and another coating of white for the large circular headboard for the Elegant Excursions "Titanic Commemoration Special" train. Of particular interest with the latter, Eddie has now attached an extra wooden section to the back of the board, on to which the special bracket will be placed to enable mounting on the locomotive smoke box door.

In CK 7221 Derek completed the replacement of the corridor flooring. He then started the removal of the west end wooden panelling in preparation for the eventual replacement of the end vestibule floor. Also arriving the day before was the new moquette that will be used for the first class compartments in the CK, enabling John Hill to begin recovering this seating, once the second class seats have been completed.

It was a good day all round, with the last ones leaving just before 6 pm. Another shunt is planned for next Thursday.

hopefully this all appears in English for you. It just that as I am in Spain all the controls have come up in Spanish.

You will no doubt be pleased I haven't mastered loading pictures from the iPad or you would have pictures of sandy beaches etc. It sounds like there should be some good pictures to catch up with when I am back home next week. Adios.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully whoever is working on the headboard can spell better than Dave!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Noted and corrected on behalf of Dave. I am just grateful he is willing the to do a report when I am away. Thanks Dave.