Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday 4th February

The big freeze is here. Not surprisingly with the bad forecast, and the fact that so many of the C&W volunteers travel a long way, there were just 10 volunteers signed in.

Some then disappeared to attend the Guards briefing.

However, work was carried out on all three carriages currently being restored. Derek Clark moved another section closer to replacing the corridor floor in CK 7221. He has just one section left to go.

Recently I said we have two fifteen year old apprentices. Apparently I was wrong Derek turns 15 on the 29th of February. Happy Birthday Derek make the most of it you have along wait for the next one.

On the RBr Paul was again slaving over and under the sink and delving into several other corners.

Here he has fitted new plugs to the sinks.

On SO 4790 we again made big steps forward with welding at both ends. John and Ben completed the revised corridor connector entrance to accommodate the sliding door. Ben preparing the insert section.

and John welded it into place. With both sides done Ben was back in action tiding up and painting the exposed metal with red oxide.

At the other end of the carriage Pete was busy inserting a new base to the second pillar.

Elsewhere Phil Salter was fitting the revised light fittings. Cheryl was painting the head board and doing a little window edge painting.

While Grenville was back to the table top sanding and filling.

Among other things I recovered some of the sleeper section I cut up on Thursday. This required going outside!

Hats off to the P/Way gang who slaved all day relaying track through Platform 1 and to the Foremark Hall crew who were refitting the springs to the tender in the barn.

Work was curtailed in the workshop at about 15:30 when the snow started settling an those with long journeys decided discretion was the best idea and headed home.

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