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Saturday 21st January

So Saturdays blog is rather late. It comes to something when Dave on 22 January blames being out in the garden mowing the lawn and doing a spring tidy-up for not getting the pictures to me!     

(Like I can talk while visiting the Grandson for his 6th birthday).

Anyway, with all Dave's gardening and other jobs done, he sent me these. Thank most definatle to him.

I'm often told by others that when they miss a visit its good to see what went on. Now I can also appreciate that aspect of the blog.

Dave said:
We had quite a crowd in yesterday, 21 in total. This included Martin Levie, our most distant member of C&W, who lives in Oxted (Surrey), a drive of 120 or so miles. He was staying in a local B&B and making a weekend of it, spending Saturday in the Workshop and Sunday attending the Volunteers Meeting at Toddington.

So here is Martin Levie in action sanding down the end of the west end panel on SO 4790, prior to filling and greying-up.

This section has been stalled while the door was refitted. Now it can catch up with the rest of the side.

With all the ceilings now fully painted in SO 4790, Cheryl removed any remaining masking tape and tightened up the ceiling light covers.

Phil Jones prepares the central door on the Workshop side of SO 4790, prior to taping the lines and painting the door in undercoat brown and cream.

Alan Baugh cleans up the east end, wallside door portal prior to filling and greying up. Steve Barnfield had previously inserted a new piece of wood in the area of the door pillar which held the receptacle for the door lock.

(You may notice a theme. The doors get left behind. This is mainly due to the work need to ensure the door hinges and edges are sound and then everybody is using them to get in and out while doing the interior, etc etc -- Peter)

Steve Barnfield repairing a section of framing from one of the corridor ends of SO 4790. Some sections of the end framing have been completely remade, the originals having become too rotten to be reused.

John Squires having made a new bracket to hold a new section of steam heating pipe for the west end of SO 4790. Got Martin to assist with fitting the new pipe in it's intended location.

They then set up the next section of pipe using a right-angled corner joints.

(The original pipe has a giant double bend but thats a little beyond the tools we have available. So this is our solution--Peter).

Bob Keyte sanded down both of the large brown panels on the workshop side of SO 4790, in preparation for a second coat of undercoat brown.

Bob went on to apply that second coat in next to no time and as usual it was another superb result. He really is our painter extraordinaire.

During the previous Thursday, some new sliding windows were found for SO 4790, to replace some that were of a poor fit. Having been cleaned up and painted in undercoat grey, Alan Baugh now lightly sands the paintwork prior to adding a coat of undercoat cream. This had dried by the end of the day to allow the cream top coat to be added. As such the windows will now be ready to be fitted by Tony Barnard next Thursday. (I hope your reading this Tony).

In preparing for repairs to the surround for the final window to be taken out of SO 4790, John Hamer struggles to remove the backing screws to the exterior door stub.

Once the repairs have been completed and window replaced, the panel painting on the wallside can also be completed. (Aren't there still some bits around the end doors to do on that side Dave?  -- Peter)

Removing old formica from table tops is always a difficult job. Grenville Care works on the tables from the new RBr 1672.

The leaking water tank in the RBr has now been repaired and is being refitted by Phil Salter, a fiddly job to say the least!

Dennis Richards, having stripped and the cleaned external communication cord apparatus on the RBr refitting everything back into place. In rather warmer weather than when he started dimanteling it.

C & W now has a new apprentice. We are very pleased to welcome Ben Carroll, who is the 15 year old grandson of John Osborn. Ben, who with Nicky Taylor and Chris Stock, is our third apprentice. He will be working with John and learning sheet metal working skills.

Other news.
During the latter part of the morning, Richard held a meeting with Dave Clark, Andy Thompson, and Clive Thomas and the C&W Maintenance team. This was to have a review of our carriage maintenance procedures with respect to reporting and record keeping.

During the afternoon we were visited by Barry Cordell, who is the Managing Director of Riviera Trains, and whom Richard Johnson has known for many years. Barry often visits us and has been of great help to us over all this time.

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