Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday Seats and Doors

As you know the activities of the Wednesday group go largely unreported as I normally do Thursdays and Saturdays. So what is reported is what I see left around the workshop or newly fitted to a carriage.

As the BG has has little in the way of fittings there isn't much of that at present.

What is obvious is the progress being made on the interior fittings of TSO 4790.

Here are some new seat ends with the seat support batten being glued and pinned in place.
My what big clamps you've got.
All the better to make the supports do just that.

The door teams work is never done. This is waiting the refitting of the window guides which disappeared and have had to be replaced. the replacements are laying on the door ready for Chris on Saturday.

This is one of the doors for the disabled access. I haven't worked out exactly which door 5WB is but it denoted its coach position so that its fitted in the right place. right from the original manufacture no two doors are exactly the same so they need to be put back where they came from or surprise surprise they don't fit very well!

With 16 volunteers signed in I'm sure they did lots of other things I just didn't spot. Like the upholstery team in there own carriage beavering away.

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