Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wednesday - Lock Up

The roll call shows 14 volunteers in attendance.

With the main focus for the P/Way BG being getting it painted to be back out of the workshop at the end of next week there is not a lot of time for anything else to be done. Fortunately most of the rest of the work was done when the carriage was in the Barn earlier in the year. However, there are still details to be dealt with like the ability to LOCK the carriage up! The note left on the workbench with the some lock components said it all.

A check on Wednesday found that only one of the doors would actually lock. So a concerted effort sorted out all but the guards door and the locks for that have been removed and cleaned but need some additional work to refit them. A good job getting all those done.

Work on the seating for 4790 continued as did the restoration of the doors. Evidence of more varnishing was around so I guess a lot more of the panel trimming sections have been finished ready for refitting at the appropriate time.

A top hat rail section has been removed for restoration and clearly shows the curvature of the carriage side.

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