Friday, 30 December 2011

Wednesday 28th

There were 14 in attendance on Wednesday. From what I (Dave, thanks for the reports on wednesday and thursday efforts) could immediately see,

the door on the bench has had more done to it,

the new wheel chocs have been primed,

all the table legs and other window bits from 4790 have been gathered together ready for sanding and revarnishing,

John Hamer has completed the work to remove the awkward section of capping strip. he's the third person to have a go at it, bit by bit the team won

and the Upholstery team were in.

Obviously there were other things done, but sadly its not always easy to spot evidence of the hard work the day after.

Now if only there was a Wednesday person who would was willing to take a picture or two?

Any way well done for turning out at this time of year.

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