Sunday, 18 December 2011


The morning after, well sort of the after effects it was late by the time my wife and I made it home so I tried to creep out quietly leaving her asleep. In doing so I forgot my phone and thus camera so this posting is late as we are again indebted to Dave Clark for taking the pictures and sending them to me.

It was a fine day for a shunt.  Having already removed the loco from the barn we now have to move the bogey set. This has no coupling on it so a special link rod has to be connected.

Bob Mac's expression says many things...

hurry up lads this is heavy.
Why does it take 3 to hook it up only me to hold it.
I got the short straw again

Bob held on long enough and here the rod is connected.

The bogey was removed and the P/Way BG was then prepared the coupling was rather stiff and dry so I got the job of grease monkey.

very soon the BG was on its way.

Next was to couple up TSO 4790

During the shunt we had several visitors. Two from the West Somerset Railway. One regular visitor Rhea here with Cheryl.

Rhea is Eddie's lovely labrador.

a special pot of biscuits is kept by for visits.

and another much younger lady also visited. Richard Drewitt's 4 month old daughter Hannah on her first visit to C&W. Nikki, here having a cuddle, was until now our youngest member. Sorry Hannah your still a bit young for a work permit even if dad is the departments director.

The 03 and BG leave the Barn - having  positioned within the Workshop.

The empty jacking road awaiting the return of the RBr for its bogey inspection.

Shunting, cooing and patting over we did get down to some work.

A group of us set to on rubbing down the grey undercoat.
martin in action with elsewhere Bob and myself also busy.

John Squires and Phil Salter set about the corroded roof edge of 4790.

Steve Barnfield creating some new chocs out of a block of oak

the new chocs all ready for stringing and eventual painting. Perhaps once a year a new set of chocs is created to add to all those already in use - just where do they all go?!

Nikki painting red oxide on a new door fitting

Richard cleaning one of the bogie wheel tyres in preparation for profile checking

The profile checking tool in action we have to make sure we don't have any 'flat tyres'. its harder to tell on a railway carriage wheel set!

and John Osborn was making Dave a special Christmas Box. Here bending the sides the easy way.

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