Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday Windows Cleaning

Hey Cheryl I thought Dave said Window Leaning.

'No he said CLEANING'

Nice hat.
So its window cleaning day. It amazing how many windows there are in the BG, I know I spent a large part of the day scrapping the paint splashes, many of them not recent, from the outside of windows. I couldn't do the inside as Cheryl was tidying up some of the paint edges.

Then I had to get the maroon paint out to touch up a few little bits that got missed round the windows edges.

Then I got the Orange end door paint out to do the bracket I could get to the other day. If I had painted the door in the reverse sequence to the one I used it would have been done then. Oh well its done now.

Oh and then I turned to underframe black two of the step boards.

Also doing windows was Pete Lucas and he was joined by John Hughes. These were the 32 sliding windows from TSO 4790. About 20 had already been cleaned so they set about painting them. it so much easier when they are out of the coach.

Then collected the others and found only 31 in total. Just as the panic was about set in John Hamer came past and said he had it because it was falling apart and needed repair. Panic over they set about cleaning and painting the rest.

John finished what he was doing at the time and rebuilt the window when he managed to find some screws long enough.

Having completed the rebuild the window joined the others and just made it in time It was the last one done just before going home time.

Also cleaning was Paul with a small team including Ron Wicker and Robin Moore, I'm not sure who else, who tackled the interior of the maroon set ready for the next Santa Specials at the weekend.

You may remember The SK from that set sprang a steam leak last Saturday. Well sorting that was John Hamer's first job of the day. Welcome back from holiday!

Here John and Dennis Richards get down and dirty under the carriage to locate the problem.

And here is the cause, duly located and removed. A frozen pipe that split and then got thawed when the steam heating was turned on.

Looks like John split his overalls as well. Now we know what you want for Christmas.

Pete Fisher and John Osborn, now all together in song

'Two willing welders'

spent the day doing what welders do.

Pete did have to cut some section first.

While John made up a lot of sparks and a new section of roof support.

Talking of roof support, Malcolm Dickson and Dave Clark were busy repairing the roof of two of the storage vans but that outside in the rain.

So I didn't go and get a picture, nothing personal chaps!

Dave Hancox was again doing stalwart duty sanding and cleaning up the panelling in CK 7221.

Ron Bennett among many things drilled an hole in the floor of the BG. No its OK, it was to fit the waste pipe from the sink. Having fitted the said pipe it even got tested. Well done Ron.

Now if anybody can donate some kitchen units? or an appropriate cooker it? I'm sure the P/Way team would be very grateful. mind we don't want to make them to comfortable.

With about the only external thing left to do on the BG being the fitting of the vacuum hose all is ready for another shunt on Saturday.


It put the BG out

bring the TSO 4790 in

and move the RBr to the Jacks to shake it all about.

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