Friday, 9 December 2011

Thursday - Window Rattle

The winds blew the lights flickered and the windows rattled as did a lot of things including the workshop shutters. We did find one small puddle of water on a workbench where the water had been driven in above but I don't think its anything to worry about. On the other hand the rain was driven in under the shutters and a small lake formed at one end on the workshop.

Dave quickly organised a quick removal of important things from that end of the workshop and got the broom out to sweep the water back out. As the wind and rain eased victory was his but another look at the sand bags will be needed.

Those of us involved with painting at the time were three feet up the steps so we just carried on. It was the end of the day and we wanted to get the P/Way BG exterior painting finished.

Cheryl was in early and got things underway on the wall side.

She was joined by Rod Wells and Geoff Broderick. They completed that side by lunch time.

On the workshop side Dave started masking the door edges so that the painters could keep going.

I joined that effort and Rod sneaked a quick break to snap the Blogger in action with the tape.

The BG has a lot of doors so they do slow things down. Here is Russ Smith in action on the workshop side. He was joined by Rod Wells and later me.

The last picture of the day at 17:45 job done.

Well sort of, there was still a lot of tiding up and putting away and brush cleaning to be done. This was despite Dave have spent a lot of time during the day doing just that. 

Safety to the fore Dave applies an extra large hazard notice to a drum of brush cleaner before he got started.

So what else got done?
I finished cleaning up the Vacuum brake setter and painted it up ready for fitting on Saturday. I painted one of the end corridor connector doors Orange and the carriage end black and did a section of the side (I still need some practise on that).
Robin did the other end connector door along with a lot of other 'touching up' bits like the lamp brackets and door plates.

Ron Bennett applied a new rubber draught strip to the edge of the guards door.

On TSO 4790 the light fittings were being stripped and cleaned by John Hughes and Malcolm. Note three securing bolt holes but these were only held up by 2 bolts which are of a special design being over three inches long to allow the cover to be lowered for bulb changing without removing this cover which is fairly heavy.
So additional bolts had to be fabricated.

The sliding windows were brought into the workshop ready for painting before they are refitted. 

Out in the wind inside CK 7221, yes with the holes in the sides of this carriage the wind was blowing inside the carriage!

The work of stripping the interior progressed well, the removal of the final set of seats was completed by Dave Hancox and Geoff Broderick and this desirable residential home for mice was removed. It appears they had moved out some time ago.

Removal of some more of the wood trimming and panelling was done. The insulation behind the panels holds the water getting in through the holes and consequently adds to the rotting process. It will have to be removed for the welding anyway so its on it way out.
Woolly hats were definitely required. Dave Hancox doing a little sanding to the compartment divider to find out what the wood is like under the layers of old varnish. Its a case of clean it up and then it can be assessed, keep it or replace it.

I didn't get out to the RBr 1672 for any photos but it was another hive of activity with Paul, Robin, Roger and Ron all beavering away to get the interior finished or was it to keep warm? Probably both.

Most importantly, Paul visited the pub. No this matters it was to make the final arrangements for the departments Christmas Dinner. Now that is important!

Have you checked out the GWR's main web site for the recent pictures called ‘Autumnal views of a Cotswold Railway’?.

as Richard Johnson head of C&W says

"There are several splendid photos of our trains. In each of them, the loco has a uniform rake of seven chocolate & cream coaches stretched out behind it completing the scene.
The coaches make the pictures what they are, and are a splendid testament to everyone’s hard work this year. These shots would not have been possible a year ago. Well done everybody".

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