Friday, 2 December 2011

Thursday 1st December

I finally made it in today all be it not till lunch time but that brought the total number of volunteers to seventeen.

Work continued on all fronts:

on the P/Way BG (Permanent Way department's new mess coach)

Ron Bennett re-attaching the capping strip to the repaired and rust-treated guards door edging

Malcolm Dickson buffing up the buffers and wire brushing the surrounding metalwork prior to painting - the buffers were then greased.

John Hughes installing the plumbing for the new sink unit.

Robin Moore getting into the little corners and applying sealant to gaps around the new metal strips in the corridor connection. the strip was then painted.

Some interior panelling and door, work continued.

On the wall side, the body looked at bit battered so to tidy it up some extra filler was applied, carefully hand-sanded down and then patch-painted in undercoat crimson

- Cheryl Newman busy sanding.

and Rod Wells doing the patch painting of the sanded down areas.

Although the body panelling has been block undercoated, the door and frame edges need completing - Rod busy taping up before applying undercoat crimson paint.

Similarly, although the internal panelling had been painted in cream with a black base, the doors had been closed and thus all the edges needed doing - Pete Lucas carefully applying cream paint with a small brush. I joined in doing the black.

On the CK 7221
Dave Hancox continued to strip out the CK hopefully we will find space in the schedule to get it into the workshop for bodywork repairs next year.

Being outside the workshop the hat was very necessary.

Later on in the day some of the very heavy first class seating was lifted out and stored in the adjacent GWR van along with the seat end panels.

Now there is another load of work for the upholsterers!

On the TSO 4790 in the barn - the lengthy process of rebuilding the west end continues

John Osborn grinding the edge of the new panel above the corridor end prior to welding it in place.

While around the corner another new upright and cross-bracing has been welded in by Peter Fisher. It was then given a coat of red oxide.

Leaky top roof corners reek havoc and as a result the corner sections need a lot of attention. Malcolm is busy ensuring this corner won't leak again.

And finally keeping Dave Clark happy -

his new paint order has arrived! it kept him busy checking and storing it all away a lot of it in readiness for 4790.

Once again thanks to Dave for supplying the phots today

and don't forget the jobs board will need re-writing for Saturday as all the jobs listed got done.

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