Friday, 23 December 2011

Thursdasy 22nd

Another 16 man turnout. Cheryl where are you?

Another absentee was Santa who was busy in his grotto in the Santa Special.

We look forward to seeing you in the workshop again after you've had a rest Santa.

I'm not sure your reindeer really match up to the local motive power. Here the Turkish 8F runs round for another trip

the rest of us little elves were busy on all fronts.

In the CK 7221 There was panel sanding in the first class compartments by Dave Hancox

ceiling washing by Dave Clark

and Formica panel cleaning in the second class by Martin Jaunch

On the RBr Paul was cleaning the kitchen oven shelves it seems to be never ending. Are you sure you didn't cook your turkey in there last night Paul?

As the RBr is up on the jacks at the moment ready for its bogey  it must be high tea.

SO 4790, was and will be for the next few months, the main focus of our efforts. Pete Lucas in festive hat rubbing down

The door surrounds are a key area for attention as the water does fined its way in and rusty bulges appear. John Hughes gives the centre wall side door some attention.

Ron Bennett adjusts another of the light deflector shades.

There are 16 to do on 4790 Ron.

Steve Banfield was busy on the panelling mount bars and John Osborn, Pete Fisher and Malcolm were all working on the Cheltenham end of the carriage. Cutting sections to insert and starting to fill the end in with the new metal.

John will soon be in a postion to weld in the second new corner.

There is still the other end to do yet!

Elsewhere after an emergency raid on the RBr for steam pipe for one of the locos the other day a replacement was fitted to the RBr. That revealed a problem with the fittings and they had to be removed and a new ones put in place. Better to fined the issue now rather than at the steam test.

There are apperently agroup meeting up on Saturday, yes Christmas Eve and a report is promised but I doubt it will see publication until boxing day!

I'm away on family visits so I will take this oppertunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and busy restorative New Year.

Restorative for You, the Carriages, Chicken Curve and the Track what good news to take us into the new year.

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