Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday - a day with a difference

Thanks again to Dave for the pictures and report as I am away with the Grandsons in Leicestershire this week-end.   
A very interesting day yesterday to say the least. There were 17 in.

The BG which is now nearing completion  will be shunted out on Saturday 17th December.

There some things to finish of like the fitting of the extra vacuum brake setter. Phil Salter cut through the end panel to make a hole for the connection pipe. The lower pipe connection is already in place and can be seen to the left of Phil's hand.

Phil then had to repeat the operation but on the inside panelling and hope the two meet up which of course they did.

John Squires watching our wonderful metal cutting machine as he prepares the section of pipe to go through the new hole. Phil Salter says the machine is about 60 years old! So its contemporary with the carriages then.

John now adding the thread to the newly cut pipe.

With the pipework now completed and everything joined up, John and Phil Jones now attach the brake setter pipe to the internal wall. Hey, I painted that Thursday!! Oh well at least it was base coat.

 The brake setter and pipe now in place having just been re-painted by Phil Jones in fresh coats of red, cream and black.

With all the main body painting on the BG now completed, the various transfers are added around the coach. These comprise the main GWR logo, the guard's door, load distribution, coach and braking type and weight, the star indicators for the vacuum release, and the refurbishment date.

Richard Johnson adding the main and very elegant GWR logo to the centre position on the coach side. Its position is all very carefully measured out.

Then the little details, adding one of the stars on the sole bar, to indicate the position of the vacuum release string.

So now we know where the string goes. Bob Mac in the dark under the carriage attaching a new drawstring to the vacuum release valve.

and finally Richard adding the braking type information to the end panel.

Elsewhere on the BG Martin Jauch was tidying up the paintwork on the internal edges of the doors.

Pete Hackett completing the remaining un-painted bits below the sole bar in Underframe Black. He then went on to wipe over the interior.

During the day, other work continued in the RBr 1672, the CK  and TSO 4790.
Chris working on the freshly glued base of a wooden door frame for 4790.

Derek Clark selecting one of the heavy sections of plywood from which to cut the next section of replacement flooring in the CK. He has now completed about two thirds of the corridor.

So what was different about the day?

Well at the end of the day C&W staff got involved in a night shunt.
An unusual situation indeed and it was caused by the FK (first class corridor coach) at the end of the maroon rake having developed a serious internal steam heating leak which was literally filling the coach with condensation.

It had to be disconnected. In normal circumstances this would have been a relatively simple task. However, with both the chocolate/cream and maroon rakes on Santa Specials and thus both of Winchcombe station platforms in use, and the Elegant Excursion rake needing to be in the station for the Saturday evening dining outing, things were never going to be easy.

To add to the complication the shunt was going to have to be done in the dark, a rare occurrence. However, with careful planning and coordination with the "Foremarke Hall" crew, five of C&W's staff (Richard, Bob, Andy and Dennis, who are also guards on the railway, and Phil our diesel driver), and the two guards from the Santa Specials,  the manoeuvres were successfully completed.

In the dark, normal hand signals are impossible, and as such Richard had a special lamp with red and green shades to allow communication with the engine crew.

The Elegant Excursion rake waits in its siding, while to the right the lamp displays on the front of "Foremarke Hall" and the maroon rake. In the darkness in between the two, and down at the end of the train, are Richard and the others in the process of detaching the FK. Nearby on the right, 2807 quietly simmers while undergoing it's night time preparations under the light from the Loco Department's Mess Coach.

and finally we don't just mend the carriages.

C&W staff helping Santa

Ron Woodruff taking a day off C&W to provide much needed help with our Santa Specials. Celia, his wife, was also there to help. What good sports - well done both!

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