Saturday, 3 December 2011


When I looked out this morning at the bird table the only occupant was a squirrel. Under the table picking up the bits dropped was pheasant. Circling the garden totally ignored by both was a large male fox. So I stopped and watched until eventually the fox leaped the fence and disappeared.

Thus I was late arriving at Winchcombe and missed the departure of the first train. On board were Dennis Richards, John Squires and Cheryl. During the run to Cheltenham they took the, pre-planned, opportunity to test the emergency cord. The tests where successful.

Back in the workshop work on P/ways BG progressed, not always forward, it appears that piece of wood was rather rotten. So that's why the corridor connector plate wouldn't lay flat. The question is Steve can you make a new one  please?

Apparently, Yes! Steve having cleared out the rest of the rotten wood fitted a new piece to fill the gap at the bottom of the repaired capping strip. Dave then round the edge and the whole inner section of the frame is now painted in undercoat crimson.
Good job.

On her return from the jaunt to Cheltenham Cheryl got the maroon paint out and joined

Bob Keyte on the wall side of the BG.

On the other side, I was sanding and undercoating the one door strip that we have had to sort out since the carriage came back into the workshop.
On TSO 4790
Chris and Nikki, who was hiding just out of shot, were busy on another of its doors. That is until Dave Clark discovered a loose door lock on the BG and asked for some assistance in fixing it. After an inspection Chris suggested we may have to take the door off to replace a section of wood.

However, having seen Dave's consternation he sorted out the door without having to take it off. He not only refitted the missing lock, complete with drilled out hole in the door skin, but also added a missing door stub (those little round bouncy things that stop the door bashing the side when you open the door).
 In the barn tackling the bodywork were: Pete Fisher who was cutting out some metal to get at the top hat support rails behind so that they can be inspected and renewed as needed. While John Osborn was finishing of the section over the corridor connector.
 On the  Rbr 1672 the interior was again being dealt with.
New tops having been applied to the tables the edge trimming had to be re-applied to each one. Well it came off so it should go back on! Richard and Andy try again but they have successfully done the small tables, this is the first of the large tables.
Paul out again with the enamel round the edges of the burner unit. There are so many little nooks and crannies its going to take quite awhile yet to get the interior finished.

Elsewhere Dennis Richards having checked the running set earlier set about checking and documenting the electrical appliances we use to keep the rest of safe.

Another fine mess you've got me in Dave!
John Squires trying to recover a vacuum brake setter needed some assistance. Sometimes these things call for extreme measures. John really isn't sitting down on the job. He is actually pushing the Stiltons with his foot while Dave holds them in position. The connection at floor level was right in the corner so there was no working space and the thing probably hadn't been taken apart in 60 years or more. In the end skill and guile loosened the joint and the pictured antics managed to separate the pipe. It was then down to a hacksaw and big hammer, and after lunch a bigger hammer to release the securing bracket. By early afternoon the assembly was back in the workshop ready for servicing and refurbishment. Its destined for the barn end of the BG adjacent to the new window fitted in the adjacent corridor door.

The PW team will now be able to view the track through the new window and, with the brake setter available, assist with movements of their special train.

I had to leave early afternoon as another distraction took me away. The grand-daughters as having a sleep over at my house tonight!!!!!

Dave carried on working late and completed undercoating in crimson the remaining untouched door and frame edges of the BG. Its now all ready for top coating. To finish he also painted black the new guards door step and surrounding area.

Yesterday was a brilliant day, with a huge amount achieved all round.

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