Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Eve

The stalwart few turned out, 7 but for Christmas Eve that's pretty good. Well done lads and they didn't just eat the sweets either.

Running Rake Maintenance
It was a good job too as a leak in a connection on one of the days running rakes needed replacing. Dennis was on hand to set up a new one.

Then Dennis went on to clean the end of a steam heat valve.

Work continued inside SO 4790

Steve fitting new panelling below one of the windows

Dave set about sanding the narrow internal surround on another window.

Peter Fisher was in and continued working on the major rebuild of the west end of 4790.

Here cutting out a corroded section of roof and gutter

Cut right back to sound metal ready for anew bit.

Peter grinding flat the newly welded cross piece joints

On the opposite side, new top hat bars and cross pieces 

SO 4790 - More corrosion buckled metal panelling and attached door capping strips. As such the strips have to be removed so that the rusted metal can be cut out and replaced. So in this case as it's the hinge side the door has had to be removed.

Phil removing a capping strip from a door frame on the wall side of 4790 - the whole corner of the coach is badly corroded and will need to be cut off and a new fabricated corner panel welded on before the strip can be put back and the door remounted.

The opposite corner at this end of the coach will also need complete replacement and thus the right hand capping strip for this door will also need removing. Unfortunately distortion of the panelling on the left hand side of the door also exists and this has meant removal of the lower portion of the capping strip. Phil is attempting to remove what turns out to be a particularly stubborn section.

(Actually we could have told you this was a stubborn section as Malcolm started on it a few weeks ago in the barn. He left it as it was at the outer end and the wind was ripping round the corner at the time.)

SO 4790 - ceiling light units

Phil cleaning and repairing some ceiling light units from SO 4790 

- the insides will be repainted white and the outside rims painted silver-grey but that will be another day.

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Jim Boyles said...

I think they deserve to be called "The Magnificent Seven"!