Friday, 30 December 2011

The day that didn't exist, Thursday 29th. (in Samoa)

The Samoans may have cancelled the 29th but not C&W. There were 10 in attendance.

I realise that at times we refer to the ends and side of carriages and if you are not familiar with the geographical orientation of the C&W works it may be confusing.

The line runs roughly North to South - Broadway Laverton Toddington  
it the takes a sweeping curve to the west (Chicken Curve is the start of it) passed the C&W workshop and through Winchcombe station it then bend back to the south as it passes through Greet Tunnel and is heading south again at Gotherington to Cheltenham Race Course.
So if you are thinking about the line as whole when reading the C&W bit - WEST tends to the Winchcombe station and EAST to Toddington. (corrected I knew it was confussing!)

    Eddie Paddon, head of our woodworking department, had left a request for us to try and get the ceilings in the two east end compartments of SO 4790 painted before much more repanelling was undertaken. They very sensibly don't want paint spots all over the new varnish. The two ceilings had already been cleaned with sugar soap and required tidying up with some sealant and a little filler, before painting in white undercoat and then top coat.

After that the existing panelling needs a light sand down and later it will be restained where necessary and then the whole lot given two coats of varnish.

So Pete Lucas about applying sealant to the edges of the ceiling bands.

Roger Wicker sanding down one of the end panels

Bob Keyte applying the undercoat white paint to the second compartment ceiling. Pete Lucas was doing the same with the first compartment ceiling.

Both corners of the eastern end of SO 4790 will need major rebuilding and thus the corridor door & interior panelling have to be removed. Malcolm was in action on that task.

much of the wiring in 4790 will need replacing. Phil Salter stripped out the old and started on the new wiring in the western end vestibule.

some of the windows required removal, either to provide better seals, or because the underlying metal panelling had corroded and needed replacement. Here is, hopefully the last one of the window panes that will need removal.

John Hamer has cleaned it up and added new sealing, just prior to replacement.

 the window frame being prepared to receive the window glass. Note the newly sanded bottom section, and in the far distance, John's window pane.

Meanwhile back at the western end of 4790 the corner rebuilding continues.

John Osborn tidying up a newly-cut section of metal sheet prior to fitting.

Welding the new section in place.

Meanwhile, exterior preparation continues on the workshop side of 4790 in between the west end rebuilding work, and the centre and east end door frames. All filling has been completed and the panelling given its final base coating of light grey undercoat by Pete Lucas and Bob Keyte.

Bob applying his magic touch.

Batteries are very important. Here John Hamer checks  the recharging of his spares, enabling him to sort out the good from the bad prior removal to safe storage.

in corridor of the CK 7221, Derek Clark continues with his excellent reflooring job and measures up another section of heavy plywood ready for cutting.

In the RBr 1762, the long complex job of restoring the kitchen and counter area continues. Robin Moore  dealing with the edge of an oven door.

Roger Whicker cleaning more of the shelving in the counter area.

After all this work on the RBr the bacon butties better taste good!!!!

Be assured we will be testing them out for quality.

As it will be 2012 by the time I get to make the next post

Happy New Year to one and all.

Wednesday 28th

There were 14 in attendance on Wednesday. From what I (Dave, thanks for the reports on wednesday and thursday efforts) could immediately see,

the door on the bench has had more done to it,

the new wheel chocs have been primed,

all the table legs and other window bits from 4790 have been gathered together ready for sanding and revarnishing,

John Hamer has completed the work to remove the awkward section of capping strip. he's the third person to have a go at it, bit by bit the team won

and the Upholstery team were in.

Obviously there were other things done, but sadly its not always easy to spot evidence of the hard work the day after.

Now if only there was a Wednesday person who would was willing to take a picture or two?

Any way well done for turning out at this time of year.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Eve

The stalwart few turned out, 7 but for Christmas Eve that's pretty good. Well done lads and they didn't just eat the sweets either.

Running Rake Maintenance
It was a good job too as a leak in a connection on one of the days running rakes needed replacing. Dennis was on hand to set up a new one.

Then Dennis went on to clean the end of a steam heat valve.

Work continued inside SO 4790

Steve fitting new panelling below one of the windows

Dave set about sanding the narrow internal surround on another window.

Peter Fisher was in and continued working on the major rebuild of the west end of 4790.

Here cutting out a corroded section of roof and gutter

Cut right back to sound metal ready for anew bit.

Peter grinding flat the newly welded cross piece joints

On the opposite side, new top hat bars and cross pieces 

SO 4790 - More corrosion buckled metal panelling and attached door capping strips. As such the strips have to be removed so that the rusted metal can be cut out and replaced. So in this case as it's the hinge side the door has had to be removed.

Phil removing a capping strip from a door frame on the wall side of 4790 - the whole corner of the coach is badly corroded and will need to be cut off and a new fabricated corner panel welded on before the strip can be put back and the door remounted.

The opposite corner at this end of the coach will also need complete replacement and thus the right hand capping strip for this door will also need removing. Unfortunately distortion of the panelling on the left hand side of the door also exists and this has meant removal of the lower portion of the capping strip. Phil is attempting to remove what turns out to be a particularly stubborn section.

(Actually we could have told you this was a stubborn section as Malcolm started on it a few weeks ago in the barn. He left it as it was at the outer end and the wind was ripping round the corner at the time.)

SO 4790 - ceiling light units

Phil cleaning and repairing some ceiling light units from SO 4790 

- the insides will be repainted white and the outside rims painted silver-grey but that will be another day.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Thursdasy 22nd

Another 16 man turnout. Cheryl where are you?

Another absentee was Santa who was busy in his grotto in the Santa Special.

We look forward to seeing you in the workshop again after you've had a rest Santa.

I'm not sure your reindeer really match up to the local motive power. Here the Turkish 8F runs round for another trip

the rest of us little elves were busy on all fronts.

In the CK 7221 There was panel sanding in the first class compartments by Dave Hancox

ceiling washing by Dave Clark

and Formica panel cleaning in the second class by Martin Jaunch

On the RBr Paul was cleaning the kitchen oven shelves it seems to be never ending. Are you sure you didn't cook your turkey in there last night Paul?

As the RBr is up on the jacks at the moment ready for its bogey  it must be high tea.

SO 4790, was and will be for the next few months, the main focus of our efforts. Pete Lucas in festive hat rubbing down

The door surrounds are a key area for attention as the water does fined its way in and rusty bulges appear. John Hughes gives the centre wall side door some attention.

Ron Bennett adjusts another of the light deflector shades.

There are 16 to do on 4790 Ron.

Steve Banfield was busy on the panelling mount bars and John Osborn, Pete Fisher and Malcolm were all working on the Cheltenham end of the carriage. Cutting sections to insert and starting to fill the end in with the new metal.

John will soon be in a postion to weld in the second new corner.

There is still the other end to do yet!

Elsewhere after an emergency raid on the RBr for steam pipe for one of the locos the other day a replacement was fitted to the RBr. That revealed a problem with the fittings and they had to be removed and a new ones put in place. Better to fined the issue now rather than at the steam test.

There are apperently agroup meeting up on Saturday, yes Christmas Eve and a report is promised but I doubt it will see publication until boxing day!

I'm away on family visits so I will take this oppertunity to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and busy restorative New Year.

Restorative for You, the Carriages, Chicken Curve and the Track what good news to take us into the new year.

Wednesday 21st.

A turn out of 16 Wednesday well done and so close to Christmas. I suppose it is still a bit early for the blocks to be doing Christmas shopping,  a couple of more days yet.

The doors for 4790 progress a pace with the window and mechanism all back in another one.

But just to show they do other things on Wednesdays. they made these boxes.

Well actually they are exhaust covers for one of the diesels. It is helpful if you don't let the rain and snow in the top when the diesels standing.

They pile of varnished window edging also grows weekly. If only those Thursday lot would stop making so much dust they could be refitted. Oh well that's something to look forward to next year.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


The morning after, well sort of the after effects it was late by the time my wife and I made it home so I tried to creep out quietly leaving her asleep. In doing so I forgot my phone and thus camera so this posting is late as we are again indebted to Dave Clark for taking the pictures and sending them to me.

It was a fine day for a shunt.  Having already removed the loco from the barn we now have to move the bogey set. This has no coupling on it so a special link rod has to be connected.

Bob Mac's expression says many things...

hurry up lads this is heavy.
Why does it take 3 to hook it up only me to hold it.
I got the short straw again

Bob held on long enough and here the rod is connected.

The bogey was removed and the P/Way BG was then prepared the coupling was rather stiff and dry so I got the job of grease monkey.

very soon the BG was on its way.

Next was to couple up TSO 4790

During the shunt we had several visitors. Two from the West Somerset Railway. One regular visitor Rhea here with Cheryl.

Rhea is Eddie's lovely labrador.

a special pot of biscuits is kept by for visits.

and another much younger lady also visited. Richard Drewitt's 4 month old daughter Hannah on her first visit to C&W. Nikki, here having a cuddle, was until now our youngest member. Sorry Hannah your still a bit young for a work permit even if dad is the departments director.

The 03 and BG leave the Barn - having  positioned within the Workshop.

The empty jacking road awaiting the return of the RBr for its bogey inspection.

Shunting, cooing and patting over we did get down to some work.

A group of us set to on rubbing down the grey undercoat.
martin in action with elsewhere Bob and myself also busy.

John Squires and Phil Salter set about the corroded roof edge of 4790.

Steve Barnfield creating some new chocs out of a block of oak

the new chocs all ready for stringing and eventual painting. Perhaps once a year a new set of chocs is created to add to all those already in use - just where do they all go?!

Nikki painting red oxide on a new door fitting

Richard cleaning one of the bogie wheel tyres in preparation for profile checking

The profile checking tool in action we have to make sure we don't have any 'flat tyres'. its harder to tell on a railway carriage wheel set!

and John Osborn was making Dave a special Christmas Box. Here bending the sides the easy way.