Friday, 25 November 2011

You put the BG in.

You put the BG in
You put the RB out
You do the carriage shuffle and you move them all about.

If only.

before you can put the BG in you have to take the RBr out
but to do that you have to clear the barn road by moving the engines out of the way and so it goes on.

Phil Salter was on Shunting duties for the big switch.

Bob Mackintosh was on Signalling Duties

while Andy Thompson, Ron Woodruff and Tony Barnard were the guards for the maneuvering.

Having fired up the shunter the first big effort was to clear the area of the locos.
Ex-GWR 2-8-0 2807 has been drawn out and positioned behind ex-GWR 4-6-0 7903 "Foremarke Hall". Ron Woodruff is supervising the coupling up of the two locomotives, while in the foreground Bob Mac and Operations Manager Neil Carr discuss the day's moves.

With the 03 back on the Workshop road, and ready to move up and connect to the RBr, the 04 shunter was also fired up. With all the movements around the yard, having two available shunters is invaluable.

With the RBr on its way you have to have sweep up.

Malcolm on Broom.

While in the background Dave hands another to Geoff and everybody gets stuck in, just don't show the wives.

with RBr 1672 safely relocated for the rest of the internal work to be completed

Andy could supervise the shunting of the BG (Gangwayed Brake) into the Workshop.

Once the bogie for servicing had been rolled in next to the BG, Phil, Ron, Andy and Tony continued with the rest of the shunt.

The Toad Brake Van was moved to the siding where the BG had formerly resided. Also placed there was the other bogie that remained in the head shunt.

The locomotives were returned to their original locations, and everything in the Workshop and Barn put back to good order again.

This was followed by an assessment of the work already done on the BG. Allocation of work could now begin, and within a short time 8 of the C&W crew were busy.

Pete Lucas adds extra filler to the dented panelling at the end of the coach, while Robin Moore cleans out the area inside the Barn end corridor connection.

The bodywork in the Car Park end corridor connection has some minor rusting areas, which John Osborn repaired.

The BG will become the new mess coach for the Permanent Way Department.

So the equipment requirements have to be sorted out. Glyn Cornish ( a member of PW, as well as his many other jobs) discusses the location and plumbing-in of the sink unit with Ron Bennett and John Hughes. Both Ron and John are skilled at plumbing and will provide the drainage system for the unit.

Ron Bennett then set about repairing the bulging door frame capping strip.

While others got stuck in with rubbing down etc.

So its back to fixing filling sanding and painting for a few more weeks until ........we shunt again.

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