Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wednesday 9th November

Nineteen volunteers in attendance on Wednesday tackling all the usual range of jobs form seat restoration and cloth replacement to loads of woodwork for SO 4790.

Most noticeable was the clearing of the new wheelchair area being created in the main saloon of 4790.

This will allow wheelchair users to enjoy the same magnificent views that the rest of our passengers.  

The veneer panelling at the back has also been removed as the door opening is being widened for ease of access.

The exterior doors on both side of the carriage are also being converted to double doors. To accommodate the double doors the toilets have been removed from the carriage creating a large entrance vestibule that will also allow space for buggies to be parked.

A door has been recovered from around the yard to use as one of the extra external doors and restoration work has started. even if there isn't a hole for it to fit yet!  

Russ completed another section of the varnishing on the RBr. This gets us well on the way to completing the exterior.

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