Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wednesday 3rd and another door day

Another good day for the Wednesday Gang at C&W.

The centre door on the CK 7221 has been completed to its primer coat and refitted.

Its always good to see something completed on whatever vehicle is in the Garden Siding. It gives a sense of progress and a desire to get to work when you arrive.

And the next door has duly been removed and work has started on restoring it.

When a coach is stripped down there is avast amount of wood trim when possible this is removed, stripped and refinished with repairs being carried out where needed.

So this a newly stained set of window trims for SO 4790. Not the complete set but a very good start.

The final main passenger door panel on the RBr 1672 was fitted looks good. Oh yes more varnishing to do!

It is perhaps worth pointing out that the volunteers in on a Wednesday are the backbone of the door restoration team and the woodworkers and upholsterers.

While Thursday group tend towards the painters and the heavy engineers.

While Saturday has a cross mix of many skills including those all important windows and locks.

None of the groups is exclusively these things but this is the usual trend.

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