Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday 3rd November - What a turnout.

With a turn out 20 today we got lots done. Great job everyone.

We had Dave running in circles trying to keep up with tasks for everybody so that we didn't fall over each other. Still with lots of little finishing of jobs to do on RBr 1672 and an urgent need to get the carriage out of the workshop to meet shunting deadlines it was necessary to have several people in close proximity around that final pair of doors on the wall side of the carriage.

Most of us trying to keep out of John Hamer's way so that he could fit the newly made locking plates for the small door.

Here is the bottom plate in position,

......guess what it needs painting now. Put it on the list for Saturday Dave.

Having fitted the top plate we realised that the large door 'bounced' at the top when it was shut against the little door of the pair.

So John made another new top plate with the locking bolt hole slightly repositioned, much better a good job in the John. More painting Dave.

The other problem that vexed Dave all day was avoiding anything that could create dust.

The varnishing was underway with Cheryl first off the mark with an early start.
Sorry its only a scaffold tower well we couldn't countenance an Ivory one, but if Dave could just find the Ivory paint who knows?

Cheryl's was later joined in the varnishing by Rod Wells and Pete Lucus. In all they finished the workshop side and got halfway back along the wall side.

I found another 3 feet of lining to do hidden behind the door John H was working on but I got some of it done. I should be able to get that finished on Saturday Dave.

We also found a whole set of the inside sliding window bars not painted. The catch is you can only paint one of them at a time. You have to wait for the first to dry before sliding them across to paint the second.

So out came the cream top coat and I finished another little tidy up job. There is still one to do Dave both sides had been missed opps!

Inside Pete also finished the topcoat on the kitchen entrance.
Ron painted an load more radiator covers
and Roger was back on his knees with the executive grey in the corridor.
No they are NOT having a Tango, its just bad timing by the photographer (me).

Rod Bennett was busy on the barn end corridor connector most of the day and was still at it when I left.

Look at the reflection in the side of the carriage.

Its taking shape and looking good.

Outside it threw the rain down.

Jeff Broderick, having done some tidy up painting on the RBr, was up the yard at the time doing some tidying up of the paint work on the Elegant Excursion.

So the rest of us banished from the workshop were very glad of the cover afforded by the Barn.

Thus SO 4790 got a lot of attention today.

Malcolm got a coat of red oxide on some new top hat rail in the workshop first thing. After Pete had finished welding a new section of base plate to the second corner he positioned the first section and made the cross rails and joined it all together.

Great progress.

Meanwhile as John Osborn could not be welding in the same area at the same time. So he patched a plate into the side of the carriage and set about what he love most, namely making a lot of noise with a big hammer. This was to remove a large sunken area on one of 4790's doors. We had earlier discovered that to beat the door out we would unfortunately have to remove the wooden frame, a job which fell to me. I discovered there are a LOT of screws round the edge of a door, but job done John duly beat the door to the right profile. It just needs a bit more tidying up before we re-unite it with the frame. Another job for Saturday.

John O completed the main welding of the first corner last Saturday, so today while I had the red oxide out I gave it a protective coat.

Malcolm went back to removing that door strip from the third corner door, it's proving very stubborn. I must have got lucky as I managed to completely remove a trim from the centre door edge in just the afternoon.

John Hughes and Tony Barnard having finished cleaning the sliding window runners, set about cleaning the sliding windows.

 I gather they got through the first three pairs this afternoon, sorry lads there are 16 pairs, 32 windows.

These were taken before we got banished.

A lot done but still a lot to do. Ready for the shunt before the P/way gang cut off our shunting options.

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