Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday 10th November

There is information, information  and INFORMATION.

Some is of passing interest, like the fact that we had 15 C&W members turn up for duty today. 

Some is really nice to know, like I finished the lining on RBr 1672. Well I'm pleased.

Some well, have you even noticed the sides of Mk1 railway carriages like ours are curved top to bottom?

Yes - so did you ever wonder what the curvature is?

Yes - well of course you did its what we all really need to know!

So just in case you have forgotten such an important detail its radius is

28 feet  1 and 5/16 inches.

There don't you feel better for knowing that!
Though, I still wonder who decided and why they decided that this was a good measurement to use.

Well today, John Hamer was in and away early to collect some steel section curved to that radius for the next bit of work on SO 4790 where we have to install new frame members for the double door adjustments being done to the carriage. A round trip to Derby and then Aldbury and back. Hope you enjoyed the drive John.

Having missed out on a C&W fireworks display Pete Fisher set about having his own sparkling display as he welded the end bars of the second corner.

While Chris Stock ,having cut a section of plate to patch another hole in 4790

created a few sparks of his own trimming it to the final fit ready for welding in place.

John Osborn definatly favours bangers.

After a lot more banging and crashing he finally got the 4790 door skin back to the correct shape and gave it a coat of Red oxide.

Shock horror John with a paint brush.
Shucks, I missed a picture of that one.

Tony Barnard returned to his sliding window marathon, today completing the stripping and cleaning of another 4 and 1/2 pairs. As we have already taken all the seats out he had to sit on the floor.

The RBr 1672 was again the main focus for the working party.

The workshop side is now finished with 2 layers of varnish. So here Pete Lucus and Rod Wells are applying varnish on the wall side. The far end is now finished and with the lining complete, we just have the last quarter of this side to go.

Inside Ron Woodruff and Roger Wicker were varnishing the buffet servery area.

While Robin got to enamel parts of the kitchen range.

Just keep thinking Bacon butties Robin.

Meanwhile Dave seems to be taking the sign writing video to heart. Here he is practicing on the skip notice.
Later we found him practicing on the Elegant Excursion.   

A couple of holes have appeared in the door of the kitchen car and expedience meant some patching was required. So Dave set about cleaning the area and plugging the holes. Later he was joined by Pete Lucas and they finished the running repair.

Malcolm was found hiding behind the good van green priming some sheet steel.

He assures me its not his hairdryer. He's just got no patients when it comes to watching paint dry. 

It does get dark ealy now. If it wasn't for the full moon it would have been pitch black when I left and Dave was just settling down to some paperwork. It seems we have used a lot of paint, there's a surprise, and he now has to sort out an order ready for the next carriages to come in.

That should be the P'way BG and SO 4790, but with shunting issues on the horizan who knows.....

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