Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday 5th November

One joy, for me, of working on the GWSR is the drive there on a sunny morning. I get to see a LOT of wild life especially at this time of year. This is one sight that's not so common.

Yes that is a white pheasant.


Not so lovely was arriving to discover housework.

Housework you must be joking, don't we volunteer to get away from all that?

Yet here is the evidence!

Dave on vacuum cleaner

Richard on Cooker

Well with 17 happy volunteers in attendance there was a need to keep the dust down so that we didn't spoil the second coat of varnish being applied to the workshop side of the RBr 1672.

 Its always nice to watch a master in action. Nice work Bob.

The first job of the day was to finish the door locking mechanism for that pair of Kitchen double doors

Chris (in the background) sorts that one out.

While Andy Thompson (foreground) refits the bottom rail for the internal sliding door to the kitchen.
Unfortunately the door then wouldn't fit. So after a lot of struggling and adjustments by Andy and Richard they got Chris to take a bit of the top of the door. When I left is seemed to be running nicely with only a few securing bolts still to be fitted.

As I have mentioned the vacuuming I should also note that Paul was also in action with the vacuum in the kitchen area, but no picture, well one shock's enough for all of us and I don't want to put you off reading the blog altogether!
On the painting front Pete Hackett was finishing the footplate in the corridor ends and touching up the black around the edges.
Cheryl was busy on the varnishing, and once those doors were done I set about bringing them up to top coat ready for varnishing. I managed to get both the undercoat and a top coat on in the day, just. Waiting for the undercoat to dry, I slipped in some lining around the doors. There is still about 5 inches left to do but there was too much wet or tacky paint to close to it to do it.

So I nipped out side to watch 2807 running round for another trip to Cheltenham.
With the RBr nearing completion it was a day of visits.  Chris and Jo from the fire department arrived with the new fire extinguisher and fire blanket. They inspected the kitchen and discussed the installation locations.

Here Paul and Jo discuss the merits of OTC's bacon butties. Well I think that's what they were talking about.

Also visiting were the Hilary and Richard Summers from the On Train Caterers. 

Hilary checks the curtains with Paul.

Richard waits for the water test with Phil and explains the issues with draining the pipework for the winter.

Earlier Phil investigated the merits of an alternative water pump for the RBr.

A very necessary item as the water tank can provide no real head of water. Having tried the original one fitted to the RBr, this one was recovered from another carriage and tested. I'm not sure which got used in the end but after the water test there was water coming out of the taps. So a definite step forward either way.

Now I wonder if the water heats up as well?

On SO 4790 in the barn

Grenville was doing more sanding and filling.

John Osborn had another bash at removing the remaining dent in the door.

Oh and I haven't forgotten Steve, he trimmed the edges of another 5 end panels but only roughly as he was banned from making any dust, he couldn't finish the corners completely.

 Chris did battle with the hinges of another door from SK7221 and with some help from John O duly won.

He then set about cleaning up more of the pesky steel screws that long ago welded themselves into the aluminium door.

and I finished the day with a great bonfire night with the grand-daughters.

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