Friday, 18 November 2011

Opening Up

Normally I arrive quite early on Thursdays and while others are opening up I make a tour of the workshop and barn to see what the Wednesday group have done to report on.

Dave realised that as I hadn't shown up he better make notes and take photos. So thanks to Dave you've done a good job as did the Wednesday group.

With the RBr having its finishing touches most of the focus has moved for the moment to  SO 4790 in the barn.

As I mentioned in the last blog we are OPENING UP this carriage for disability access with the carriage side being cut away to provide double doors. Now we cant compromise on the structural integrity so here are the new top hat rails primed and waiting to put into place.

The entrance to the saloon has to be opened up as well to take double doors

To deal with the rust under windows several of them have to be opened up to allow the welding of new pieces into the surround. Over the last few day John Hamer has removed the glass from another one.

Here is the window Peter Hackett was working on last Saturday now finished cleaned and polished.

Stripping the windows back this far means taking out all the trims an opportunity to strip and re-varnish them. Somewhere on them they are all numbered so that we get them back in the right place.

4790 is being transformed at quite a pace.
The target is to have the carriage into service at the start of next season.
Mid April..... that's about 20 weeks so just 60 working day!!!!

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