Saturday, 12 November 2011

Off to the Races

Race day at Cheltenham and 2807 was ready as I arrived with the tender sporting the

 'At The Races'


Passed to run Paul remove the 'Do Not Move board'

However, all was not well as when connected to the train a vast amount of steam was escaping to much in fact. So after a change of steam pipe didn't solve it, the original returned to the workshop and a new seating ring was fitted. this improved things such that the train could run without problems but it did reveal a problem on the loco pipe work that will need attention.

Well done John and Dennis.

This was the second bit of excitement in my day. On the way I had encountered the white pheasant again and nearly run it over as it endeavoured to look like a white line in the middle of the road. as this is on a small country lane with no lines I spotted the fake and missed it.

Things were slow to get going in the workshop this morning maybe because of the issues above. I started by painting this little red lightning flash above, (this picture is about full size). There are 2 on the RBr there's something to look for when we roll the carriage out. I then finished the top coat on the 4 sliding window bars that had been missed and all was declared ready to varnish the rest of the carriage. We just had to wait for Bob to arrive which he did completing the first vanish coat on the wall side of the RBr by mid afternoon. Bob then moved on to top coat a section of the ceiling inside.

Dennis Richard returned from the running set issues and checked out more of the electrical equipment used in the workshop for safety, a regular task for Dennis and the rest of us really appreciate knowing we are safe when we pick up a tool. Thanks Dennis.

Steve was in again starting with a big sheet of wood he cut trimmed and fitted facing panels round the sinks in the RBr

I should have got a video he was too quick for the camera!

Continuing the housework theme of late Pete Hackett was cleaning a window. Er,, Pete we usually leave the glass in!

The sliding door to the kitchen continues to cause problems. having got it running nicely the door catches no longer meet up so all the that nicely finished paint around the door got cut about chiseled and the locks were refitted.

How does the song go, well it will be on Wednesday morning when the painter has a call.

SO 4790 came in for a lot of attention with a mass attack on the workshop end.

John Squires cut out the second corner, well what was left of it.

John Hamer then cut out the side section ready to rebuild it with a double access door.
All of which conspired to prevent John Osborn doing the welding he intended to do. So he took this picture instead. Thanks John.
Still that was my luck as he was able to modify a much needed grab handle to fit the RBr. The handle is all painted now and ready to fit next week.

Chris and Nikki refitted the door skin, that John has been beating into shape, back around its wooden frame. Nikki also cleaned and serviced the door lock mechanism.

Out in the garden siding CK 7221 got more attention with Richard locating the cause of water ingress and applying a temporary repair pending the carriage finding its slot in the workshop.

While Derek was inside working his way along the corridor replacing rotten flooring and support rails. The corrugation is there to support the insulation but that gap on the right should not be there. There is a lot to do on this carriage.

Among the other things going on Dave and I spent part of the day patch repairing and painting two carriages on the Elegant Excursion which now does look a little more elegant as a result.

Also some members of the youth group where helping to clean and polish
Foremarke Hall.
Nice job.

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