Sunday, 20 November 2011

Making the Tea

As you will have gathered from previous blogs tea matters.

In the RBr the ability to brew a good cuppa will thus be important. Thus almost the most important aspect of restoring the RBr is the ability to start up the kitchen facilities. The On Train Catering (OTC) staff are exactly that. They are 'on train' they are not going underneath the carriage so among the final preparation for its exit on Thursday, a number of jobs were completed including the generator ignition system.

Phil Salter having initially worked on the RBR's boiler set about the wiring for the generator remote ignition.

Then after more discussions and planning, we do a lot of that, well it is rather important.  

Then Phil and John have a final safety cross check before they tested the system.

With the purposes of the generator in mind they were soon in need of a little refreshment.

Tea time now there is an idea.

Thankfully Paul was on the case in the mess room preparing that all important cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Newman added a final top coat of Executive Grey paint to the panel of one of the doors.

You're not cold are you Cheryl?

A considerable amount of work was still required on the insides of the final set of double doors. The left hand door is shown being tidied up with filler prior to receiving cream undercoat - this was later painted in top coat Executive Grey. The back of the adjacent small door has been lightly sanded and given a coat of wood primer.

Other jobs included giving a coat of varnish to the back on the single passenger door and painting all the steps in top coat black.

On the inside, Paul Wood continued cleaning in the kitchen area.

while, here,  Richard Johnson lightly sanding the kitchen shelves prior to adding another coat of white paint.

Building up the layers.

on The Maroon Rake
Following the major cleaning session last Thursday, Dennis Richards identified several things that needed to be fixed. One was a broken toilet seat.

Steve Barnfield marking out some hard wood to make the repair to the toilet seat. We have everything covered!

Steve using the band saw to cut out the required section.

On TSO 4790

Peter Fisher prepared new top rails for positioning on TSO 4790 and John hamer checked his notes on exact measurements

while the preparation was going on John Hamer took stock of what was required and checked the measurment requirements. Peter then fixed one in place.

Job Done. Well done.
With only 10 signed in for the day that was a lot of work well done the few.

Even our Director Richard Drewitt who dropped in thought it was good.

When I started writing this blog I wondered how it would be received.

The fact the so many have been willing to contribute with photos and details and been happy to have their pictures taken even if it wasn't their best side has greatly encouraged me.
My thanks to all who have contributed so willingly, with a special mention to Dave Clark, John Osborn and Rod Wells, thanks guys.

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