Friday, 18 November 2011

It's NOT Man Flu

As I inferred didn't show up at C&W on Thursday.

On Monday I went down with violent head to toe shivers. Tuesday a cough appeared Wednesday the cough started from my boots So Thursday I went to the doctors and then back to bed.

So Dave's intuition to take some pictures for the blog was well placed. 

Rod Wells got in on the act as well and caught Dave in action.

Perhaps it was as well I didn't go as there was another big turn out 19. 

With the railway now closed on mid week with the exceptions for the specials the opportunity was taken to shunt the Maroon rake into the platform for a big maintenance effort.

To that end Neil Carr appears to have created VERY long rake.

That's a very little diesel for a big load. It just shows the power available. He pulled the Maroon set into the platform and pushed the Chocolate and Cream set out towards the tunnel. 

Thanks Rod for these pictures.

Inside the Maroon Rake, there was:

Cheryl doing her "OK Punk, make my day!" stance while cleaning the internal compartment windows

Rod Wells cleaning the body side windows

Ron Woodruff vacuuming the first class compartment seats - his favourite job!

Ron, who is also one of the Railway's guards, insists on a clean train.

Dennis Richards was busy assessing the state of the Maroon rake bogie's and then moved on to filling the toilet water tanks to check for leakages.

On the RBr the first things to kick off was completing the second coat of varnishing, with Pete Lucas and Cheryl Newman doing a splendid job on the final sections.

Varnishing completed - "Have we missed a bit?"

meanwhile, other external aspects on the RBr were also being completed, with Ron Bennett finishing his work on the second corridor end, and John Hughes painting the Commonwealth bogie shock absorbers blue along with the water inlet.

With all exterior work almost completed, the RBr is scheduled for shunting out next Thursday (24th November). It will be located in the siding beside the Workshop which will provide easy access to enable the interior refurbishment to continue.

More internal work on the RBr also continued during the day.

Robin Moore applying further coats of paint to some of the RBr kitchen shelving.

Pete Lucas applying wood primer to a new corner shelf that had been fitted on a previous day by Steve Barnfield.

In the Barn, the major surgery on the south end of TSO 4790 continued.

Peter Fisher, cutting out a base plate section from the (very) heavy steel plating that arrived last week.

Hey I recognise that angle iron it was another bit of the daughters garden swing!

John Hamer and John Squires assessing the roof corner

- roof corners are one of the major weak points in a coach body and, unless sealed properly, can cause major corrosion to the internal metal pillars, wood panelling, and ultimately the floor.

the end of a good day's work, with Peter Fisher's shiny new base plate at the bottom of the double door hole, left, and John Osborn's new end sections spot-welded in place next to his main corner section, and the top corner area prepared ready for new sheet metal.

As always, lots of other essential work takes place throughout the day, too much for all of it to be recorded. However: -

Richard Johnson (our Department head), having a week away from his normal work, preparing another vacuum hose.

Pete Lucas and Dave Clark continued with the paintwork repairs on "Marguerite" in the Elegant Excursions rake, it's only cosmetic repairs but that's looking a lot better.

And finally, it's not all work, work, work.

Some of the gang at the well-earned morning tea break - the bottle of cleaning fluid wasn't on the menu! and of course none of the cake are fattening.  No Really.

Now I just have to disinfect the laptop again! PS feeling a bit better this morning (saturday) at last.

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