Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Shunt

The RBr 1672 gets shunted out on Thursday. So what next?

We asked 'The man who knows about these things', Richard Johnson,(I still love the old radio programme the Navy Lark) who said :

You will need a pen and paper to hand ready to follow the action
  1.  The RBr will initially be parked alongside the workshop so that any outstanding interior work can be finished. (so that item A from Location W to location Q)
  1. The maroon P/way BG is being brought inside for the paintwork to be finished off. This will be until about the 3rd week in December, by which time hopefully it will be finished. (and item B from Location S to location W1)
  1. There will also be a Commonwealth bogie brought in. This is to enable us to evaluate more precisely what we need to do in future to overhaul these bogies. John Hamer and Chris Taylor have identified new wheel gauges to examine the fleet, and Richard is in the process of obtaining them. (and item C from Location S1 to location W2 and Richard's buying the greengages)
  1. The grey GWR van will be parked outside our workshop, next to the CK. (and item V from Location W1 to location G) .Derek Clark is continuing to replace the floor in the corridor of the CK. Hopefully we have eliminated all the leaks for the present. There is plenty of work to be done inside it refurbishing each of the compartments and the toilets, for any one or two who fancy an interesting project for the next few months. Please liaise with Dave or Richard if you would like to take this on. (Contrary to some peoples belief, it is not going to be scrapped!.......its already scrap but we have the technology we have the expertise we can rebuild her)
  1. Once the BG is completed, we shall have another shunt and bring the SO 4790 into our workshop to complete its refurbishment (and item B from Location W1 back to location S1 and and item S from Location B to location W1). 3 months work should see it ready to take its place in the chocolate & cream rake at the beginning of the new season, next year.
  1. At the same time as that move, we shall move the RBr into the Barn to take its place (and item R from Location Q location B). We have to lift it up again on the Jacks, both to fix a leak from the water tanks underneath, and to check that the bogies are fully operational and up to scratch.
Did you get that?
The test take place next Thursday, I hope everyone is ready!

By the way can we have some custard to go with the greengages please?

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