Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back to Work

Now the shunt is all done its back to work for everyone, except me who is STILL suffering with the chesty coughitus and the second lot of anti-biotics. However, with 21 signed in volunteers work progressed on all four fronts.

On the Pw's BG (Gangwayed brake)

Phil Jones continued the tidy-up work on the end started by Pete Lucas on Thursday.

By the end of the day, all filling and sanding had been completed, and the area painted black.

Phil also painted both the inside and outer face of the corridor end.


Despite coming in later, Bob Keyte likes to give everybody else a head start, he managed to undercoat in crimson the whole of the wallside bodywork. Quite a feat!

Both sides of the west end bogie were cleaned up using the needle gun, wire brushes, chisels and scrapers, by a combination of Grenville, Cheryl, Dave and Pete (Hackett).

Painting the bogie in underframe black has been started on the workshop side, while the wallside has been completed.


Andy and Steve worked on the west end corridor door which had jammed. The cover on top of the door was removed, which in turn enabled to door to be taken off. Steve inspects the door tracking inside the adjacent wall section.

On CK 7221

Derek continues repairing the rotten flooring.

Note the new hardwood section in the forground that will be used to form the inner flooring edge of the doorway.
You can see the progress Derek is making he started way back at the wall in the distance behind him.

Wise man, he is on the good bit of floor, where as the photographer........


On TSO 4790 in the Barn

Malcolm created a roof edge template in preparation for new metal working. The roof end is notorious for leaking on MK1 carriages.

John Squires cut out a new piece of sheet metal to replace another rusting section above the west end corridor connection

With the metal section cut to size and the relevant holes drilled, John checked it fitted correctly. It was then primed in red oxide
 ready for welding.

Peter Fisher continued rebuilding the west end of 4790. Here another new top hat girder is now welded in place.

The RBr 1672 may have been shunted out of the workshop but the inside still needs finishing.

Paul tidying up the front of the kitchen range

Andy cleaned up the top of the tables ready for new laminate.

Richard, applied adhesive and spread it carefully over the laminate. In the forground is a table already stuck down - when dry the excess laminate will be trimmed off.

In the words of young Mr. Grace.

'You've all done very well'

My thanks once again to Dave for the update and photo's. He fiited taking those around another guided tour for some visitors.


SWrural said...

Excellent reporting and much appreciated by we who are so far away.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Hopefully you will be able to visit and see the work in progress some time.