Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back to Work

Now the shunt is all done its back to work for everyone, except me who is STILL suffering with the chesty coughitus and the second lot of anti-biotics. However, with 21 signed in volunteers work progressed on all four fronts.

On the Pw's BG (Gangwayed brake)

Phil Jones continued the tidy-up work on the end started by Pete Lucas on Thursday.

By the end of the day, all filling and sanding had been completed, and the area painted black.

Phil also painted both the inside and outer face of the corridor end.


Despite coming in later, Bob Keyte likes to give everybody else a head start, he managed to undercoat in crimson the whole of the wallside bodywork. Quite a feat!

Both sides of the west end bogie were cleaned up using the needle gun, wire brushes, chisels and scrapers, by a combination of Grenville, Cheryl, Dave and Pete (Hackett).

Painting the bogie in underframe black has been started on the workshop side, while the wallside has been completed.


Andy and Steve worked on the west end corridor door which had jammed. The cover on top of the door was removed, which in turn enabled to door to be taken off. Steve inspects the door tracking inside the adjacent wall section.

On CK 7221

Derek continues repairing the rotten flooring.

Note the new hardwood section in the forground that will be used to form the inner flooring edge of the doorway.
You can see the progress Derek is making he started way back at the wall in the distance behind him.

Wise man, he is on the good bit of floor, where as the photographer........


On TSO 4790 in the Barn

Malcolm created a roof edge template in preparation for new metal working. The roof end is notorious for leaking on MK1 carriages.

John Squires cut out a new piece of sheet metal to replace another rusting section above the west end corridor connection

With the metal section cut to size and the relevant holes drilled, John checked it fitted correctly. It was then primed in red oxide
 ready for welding.

Peter Fisher continued rebuilding the west end of 4790. Here another new top hat girder is now welded in place.

The RBr 1672 may have been shunted out of the workshop but the inside still needs finishing.

Paul tidying up the front of the kitchen range

Andy cleaned up the top of the tables ready for new laminate.

Richard, applied adhesive and spread it carefully over the laminate. In the forground is a table already stuck down - when dry the excess laminate will be trimmed off.

In the words of young Mr. Grace.

'You've all done very well'

My thanks once again to Dave for the update and photo's. He fiited taking those around another guided tour for some visitors.

Friday, 25 November 2011

You put the BG in.

You put the BG in
You put the RB out
You do the carriage shuffle and you move them all about.

If only.

before you can put the BG in you have to take the RBr out
but to do that you have to clear the barn road by moving the engines out of the way and so it goes on.

Phil Salter was on Shunting duties for the big switch.

Bob Mackintosh was on Signalling Duties

while Andy Thompson, Ron Woodruff and Tony Barnard were the guards for the maneuvering.

Having fired up the shunter the first big effort was to clear the area of the locos.
Ex-GWR 2-8-0 2807 has been drawn out and positioned behind ex-GWR 4-6-0 7903 "Foremarke Hall". Ron Woodruff is supervising the coupling up of the two locomotives, while in the foreground Bob Mac and Operations Manager Neil Carr discuss the day's moves.

With the 03 back on the Workshop road, and ready to move up and connect to the RBr, the 04 shunter was also fired up. With all the movements around the yard, having two available shunters is invaluable.

With the RBr on its way you have to have sweep up.

Malcolm on Broom.

While in the background Dave hands another to Geoff and everybody gets stuck in, just don't show the wives.

with RBr 1672 safely relocated for the rest of the internal work to be completed

Andy could supervise the shunting of the BG (Gangwayed Brake) into the Workshop.

Once the bogie for servicing had been rolled in next to the BG, Phil, Ron, Andy and Tony continued with the rest of the shunt.

The Toad Brake Van was moved to the siding where the BG had formerly resided. Also placed there was the other bogie that remained in the head shunt.

The locomotives were returned to their original locations, and everything in the Workshop and Barn put back to good order again.

This was followed by an assessment of the work already done on the BG. Allocation of work could now begin, and within a short time 8 of the C&W crew were busy.

Pete Lucas adds extra filler to the dented panelling at the end of the coach, while Robin Moore cleans out the area inside the Barn end corridor connection.

The bodywork in the Car Park end corridor connection has some minor rusting areas, which John Osborn repaired.

The BG will become the new mess coach for the Permanent Way Department.

So the equipment requirements have to be sorted out. Glyn Cornish ( a member of PW, as well as his many other jobs) discusses the location and plumbing-in of the sink unit with Ron Bennett and John Hughes. Both Ron and John are skilled at plumbing and will provide the drainage system for the unit.

Ron Bennett then set about repairing the bulging door frame capping strip.

While others got stuck in with rubbing down etc.

So its back to fixing filling sanding and painting for a few more weeks until ........we shunt again.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Shunt

The RBr 1672 gets shunted out on Thursday. So what next?

We asked 'The man who knows about these things', Richard Johnson,(I still love the old radio programme the Navy Lark) who said :

You will need a pen and paper to hand ready to follow the action
  1.  The RBr will initially be parked alongside the workshop so that any outstanding interior work can be finished. (so that item A from Location W to location Q)
  1. The maroon P/way BG is being brought inside for the paintwork to be finished off. This will be until about the 3rd week in December, by which time hopefully it will be finished. (and item B from Location S to location W1)
  1. There will also be a Commonwealth bogie brought in. This is to enable us to evaluate more precisely what we need to do in future to overhaul these bogies. John Hamer and Chris Taylor have identified new wheel gauges to examine the fleet, and Richard is in the process of obtaining them. (and item C from Location S1 to location W2 and Richard's buying the greengages)
  1. The grey GWR van will be parked outside our workshop, next to the CK. (and item V from Location W1 to location G) .Derek Clark is continuing to replace the floor in the corridor of the CK. Hopefully we have eliminated all the leaks for the present. There is plenty of work to be done inside it refurbishing each of the compartments and the toilets, for any one or two who fancy an interesting project for the next few months. Please liaise with Dave or Richard if you would like to take this on. (Contrary to some peoples belief, it is not going to be scrapped!.......its already scrap but we have the technology we have the expertise we can rebuild her)
  1. Once the BG is completed, we shall have another shunt and bring the SO 4790 into our workshop to complete its refurbishment (and item B from Location W1 back to location S1 and and item S from Location B to location W1). 3 months work should see it ready to take its place in the chocolate & cream rake at the beginning of the new season, next year.
  1. At the same time as that move, we shall move the RBr into the Barn to take its place (and item R from Location Q location B). We have to lift it up again on the Jacks, both to fix a leak from the water tanks underneath, and to check that the bogies are fully operational and up to scratch.
Did you get that?
The test take place next Thursday, I hope everyone is ready!

By the way can we have some custard to go with the greengages please?

Making the Tea

As you will have gathered from previous blogs tea matters.

In the RBr the ability to brew a good cuppa will thus be important. Thus almost the most important aspect of restoring the RBr is the ability to start up the kitchen facilities. The On Train Catering (OTC) staff are exactly that. They are 'on train' they are not going underneath the carriage so among the final preparation for its exit on Thursday, a number of jobs were completed including the generator ignition system.

Phil Salter having initially worked on the RBR's boiler set about the wiring for the generator remote ignition.

Then after more discussions and planning, we do a lot of that, well it is rather important.  

Then Phil and John have a final safety cross check before they tested the system.

With the purposes of the generator in mind they were soon in need of a little refreshment.

Tea time now there is an idea.

Thankfully Paul was on the case in the mess room preparing that all important cup of tea.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Newman added a final top coat of Executive Grey paint to the panel of one of the doors.

You're not cold are you Cheryl?

A considerable amount of work was still required on the insides of the final set of double doors. The left hand door is shown being tidied up with filler prior to receiving cream undercoat - this was later painted in top coat Executive Grey. The back of the adjacent small door has been lightly sanded and given a coat of wood primer.

Other jobs included giving a coat of varnish to the back on the single passenger door and painting all the steps in top coat black.

On the inside, Paul Wood continued cleaning in the kitchen area.

while, here,  Richard Johnson lightly sanding the kitchen shelves prior to adding another coat of white paint.

Building up the layers.

on The Maroon Rake
Following the major cleaning session last Thursday, Dennis Richards identified several things that needed to be fixed. One was a broken toilet seat.

Steve Barnfield marking out some hard wood to make the repair to the toilet seat. We have everything covered!

Steve using the band saw to cut out the required section.

On TSO 4790

Peter Fisher prepared new top rails for positioning on TSO 4790 and John hamer checked his notes on exact measurements

while the preparation was going on John Hamer took stock of what was required and checked the measurment requirements. Peter then fixed one in place.

Job Done. Well done.
With only 10 signed in for the day that was a lot of work well done the few.

Even our Director Richard Drewitt who dropped in thought it was good.

When I started writing this blog I wondered how it would be received.

The fact the so many have been willing to contribute with photos and details and been happy to have their pictures taken even if it wasn't their best side has greatly encouraged me.
My thanks to all who have contributed so willingly, with a special mention to Dave Clark, John Osborn and Rod Wells, thanks guys.

Friday, 18 November 2011

It's NOT Man Flu

As I inferred didn't show up at C&W on Thursday.

On Monday I went down with violent head to toe shivers. Tuesday a cough appeared Wednesday the cough started from my boots So Thursday I went to the doctors and then back to bed.

So Dave's intuition to take some pictures for the blog was well placed. 

Rod Wells got in on the act as well and caught Dave in action.

Perhaps it was as well I didn't go as there was another big turn out 19. 

With the railway now closed on mid week with the exceptions for the specials the opportunity was taken to shunt the Maroon rake into the platform for a big maintenance effort.

To that end Neil Carr appears to have created VERY long rake.

That's a very little diesel for a big load. It just shows the power available. He pulled the Maroon set into the platform and pushed the Chocolate and Cream set out towards the tunnel. 

Thanks Rod for these pictures.

Inside the Maroon Rake, there was:

Cheryl doing her "OK Punk, make my day!" stance while cleaning the internal compartment windows

Rod Wells cleaning the body side windows

Ron Woodruff vacuuming the first class compartment seats - his favourite job!

Ron, who is also one of the Railway's guards, insists on a clean train.

Dennis Richards was busy assessing the state of the Maroon rake bogie's and then moved on to filling the toilet water tanks to check for leakages.

On the RBr the first things to kick off was completing the second coat of varnishing, with Pete Lucas and Cheryl Newman doing a splendid job on the final sections.

Varnishing completed - "Have we missed a bit?"

meanwhile, other external aspects on the RBr were also being completed, with Ron Bennett finishing his work on the second corridor end, and John Hughes painting the Commonwealth bogie shock absorbers blue along with the water inlet.

With all exterior work almost completed, the RBr is scheduled for shunting out next Thursday (24th November). It will be located in the siding beside the Workshop which will provide easy access to enable the interior refurbishment to continue.

More internal work on the RBr also continued during the day.

Robin Moore applying further coats of paint to some of the RBr kitchen shelving.

Pete Lucas applying wood primer to a new corner shelf that had been fitted on a previous day by Steve Barnfield.

In the Barn, the major surgery on the south end of TSO 4790 continued.

Peter Fisher, cutting out a base plate section from the (very) heavy steel plating that arrived last week.

Hey I recognise that angle iron it was another bit of the daughters garden swing!

John Hamer and John Squires assessing the roof corner

- roof corners are one of the major weak points in a coach body and, unless sealed properly, can cause major corrosion to the internal metal pillars, wood panelling, and ultimately the floor.

the end of a good day's work, with Peter Fisher's shiny new base plate at the bottom of the double door hole, left, and John Osborn's new end sections spot-welded in place next to his main corner section, and the top corner area prepared ready for new sheet metal.

As always, lots of other essential work takes place throughout the day, too much for all of it to be recorded. However: -

Richard Johnson (our Department head), having a week away from his normal work, preparing another vacuum hose.

Pete Lucas and Dave Clark continued with the paintwork repairs on "Marguerite" in the Elegant Excursions rake, it's only cosmetic repairs but that's looking a lot better.

And finally, it's not all work, work, work.

Some of the gang at the well-earned morning tea break - the bottle of cleaning fluid wasn't on the menu! and of course none of the cake are fattening.  No Really.

Now I just have to disinfect the laptop again! PS feeling a bit better this morning (saturday) at last.