Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wednesday 5th

While I was born on a Wednesday, I'm not a Wednesday worker on the railway. There were 16 others who turned out though.

So my notes are currently from observations of what has changed since I left on Saturday.
If someone would like to send me a Wednesday update that would be great.

RBr Saloon looking rather nice.

From the note stuck on the window Ross completed the second top coat on the barn side with the exception of one door. Every body was probably going in and out of that one.

Its always a problem painting the doors. You have to leave one open for access so its easy for that door to end up left behind in terms of both repair and painting.

A lot of work has progressed on the interior especially in the saloon area.

(This picture was taken on Thursday Ron's doing a bit of heater grill washing).

The interior panelling of the doors has also progressed as has the resolution of some sticking. Now if only there is enough space the get some paint in the edges.

The door panelling also got some new sections made. All glued clamped up and setting nicely.


Out in the barn John H , I guess with some help , got one of the missing windows re-installed. There is still one out and another marked up to be taken out, so that the surround can be repaired.

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