Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday 12th

Not normally being in on Wednesday's here are a few things I noticed when I arrived for Thursday's fun.

On the RBr 1675

One of the Kitchen windows has been removed to be replaced with a clear glass. Appently OTC (On Train Catering) would like to look out of the window while doing the washing up, don't we all, and why not with such lovely countryside to see.

All the doors on the wall side have now been finished in terms of fitting and working, ie windows open and so do the doors. Thats really helpful, thanks folks. Now painters if this time we can not paint them shut........

For the SO 4790
As part of the rebuild of 4790 we are intending to provide an accessibility area to the main saloon. This will require double doors to the carriage and to the saloon area. So this pair of doors which have been 'recovered' from somewhere down the yard are vital.

Having done similar recovery jobs in the past, I can guarantee it wasn't easy. So well done, now all that need to be done is get them cleaned up and refurbished ready for installation. That's the easy bit.

Of course we will need to do a bit more bodywork first.

This doorway and the corresponding one on the other side will need modifying. The toilets have already gone so has the floor and the windows glass. We did look at using the narrow door in the picture to widen to door opening.

However, when I last heard we are going for 2 full doors to ensure plenty of width. So watch this (door) space.

On the other bits

Having installed the electric point in the yard we now need an additional marker for it. So here it is awaiting some more paint. Yellow with Black diagonal strips or perhaps undercoat pink would brighten it up and make it more noticeable! ............OK, Yellow and Black.

Remember the Battery box well it fitted but getting to the bolting points did prove difficult. So well done for getting it fixed in place.

Umm. must do the dusting before I take a picture next time.

I will in Next Wednesday, so hopefully some pictures of the Wednesday gang in action.

You have been warned!!

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