Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25th - Dave's doing overtime again.

You still won't get paid any more but you never know you may get a free bacon butty from the On Train Caterers when we roll out the RBr W 1672.

However, this does highlight the problem we often encounter with the final tidy up of the painting ready to varnish the whole carriage.

None are large jobs but they ALL need doing and doors often get left as people are using them all the time for access to the interior.

So a visit on a quiet day gave Dave the chance to complete the lining out on the middle door, and the remaining inside bits of the double doors and top coating the window frame where the new clear pane had been put in on Saturday and another top coat of the window section of the double door.

He also took the oppertunity to apply some of the little finishing touches that always get left to the end, namely the remaining top bars of door windows, door handles and stubs.

All so that we can start the varnishing on that side of the carriage on Thursday.

Finally he did some minor tidying up on the passenger door area on the wallside.

Amazing what you can get through with nobody else around to distract and require access to the bit you want to paint!

Well done Dave, now we can crack on with the varnishing.

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