Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday 6th

We started the day with our usual carriage washing exercise. We started at the front this week and managed to work our way back the the point we finished at last week. It was touch and go, the set was a little further back in the platform so the hose didn't quite reach the last window. We started with three people and as other arrived we ended with a good size group and managed a quick clean and a hoover of the inside as well.


There was a lot of painting today.

Martin started on the first top coat of the track side of the RBr and I continued withe lining. Rod finished the workshop side.
 The interior fittings of the kitchen got painted.
as did the lamp bracket on the coach end and a number of the other carriage end fittings.


Out in the barn the roof was finished. Well done

Rather than watch all that paint dry on the RBr we started sanding and preparing various bits of 4790.

Tony having started with the sanding disc at the top of the windows suggested it would be a good idea to remove the sliding windows so that we could get them cleaned up properly and sand and paint around the frames.

It may be the right thing to do but I can confirm it wasn't a good idea.

The first pair came out easily enough. After that the screws must have seen me coming because at least 2 on every window then refused to come out and I had to sheer them off. John you know that Screwfix order well we may need some extras before we put the sliding windows back!

John O was bashing away as usual finishing the formation the corner section. If only we could find a silent hammer.

Other Bits

John Hamer had busy day doing a round trip to Cardiff to collect some carriage batteries and called in at Gloucester on the way to collect some Z section bars. The Z section is to replace some that have rusted to badly and must be replaced. Are you sure this pile of rust was Z section?

Following a vacuum test this afternoon and subject to a successful steam test, it was still being carried out when I left, 24949 will be shunted onto the front of the running set this evening ready for the Fish and Chip special this week-end and then be transferred to the Elegant Excursion set for the Murder Mystery Trip.

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