Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday 27th What A Day!

What a day indeed, it never stopped raining all day. So perhaps with nothing else to do we had 15 volunteers turn up.

The carriage washing turned into an interior clean today, no one wanted to get soaked before we even started.

Having intimated we would try and get the RBr 1672 out next week some reviewing of the situation has taken place. As the song has it, 'We think we better think it out again'.

An appraisal of the interior work still outstanding really needs the carriage to stay in the workshop a bit longer and as we never did get round to doing any varnishing today, the exterior is also not likely to be ready either.

So what did we do all day. Well there were some distractions 2807 returned from the Keithley & Worth Valley Railway were it went for their gala and apparently aquitted itself well.

and the Electro-Diesel was on a driver experience day moving around the yard and station.

Then there was


And no we didn't eat them all.

Robin, seen here undercoating the front of a kitchen draw white, went on the record painting in seven different colours in one day!

So here's a question,

We call the coach Chocolate and Cream, 2 colours, but just how many colours of paint will we have applied to the RBr when we have finished?  

My guess, and it is a guess, is about 20.

That should keep Dave and Richard awake all night! .......We will want a full list.

As a start Cheryl and I almost completed the wall side lining, Yellow and Black.

This is the bit we didn't do as the door was being worked on and still needed it second top coat.

When I left, Dave was just getting round to doing the brown. 

and there are 3 door stubs still to be painted black.

On the inside of the RBr there was a hive of activity with Roger Wicker,  Peter Lucas, Ron Woodruff and Robin Moore applying light-grey, Executive Grey and some undercoat, to various corners and corridors and some sort of silver to the radiator covers.

Roger on corridor paneling and aching knees.

Peter Lucus in the kitchen entrance.

And I must not forget the endologist Ron Bennett.

Having affixed the rubber of the corridor connector, it took a lot of work over several days. He finished it of with a coat of Tyre Rubber Black.

Jeff Brodrick spent a good deal of time taking the door trimming of this door so that he could fit the new lower panel, left for us by the Wednesday boys, and then of course he had to re-assemble it all again. it was another case of old screw holes no longer up to the job in places. Not uncommon problem but one that takes time to overcome.

Just because we are trying to finish one carriage doesn't mean the other get totally neglected.

John Hamer having fixed some trim strip to the Rbr, (which I then primed and later undercoated), set about SO 4790. He was joined by John Osborn progressing the corner welding and John Hughes cleaning up the sliding window runners.

A good day al round despite the weather.

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