Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday 13th

A few weeks ago before I started this blog the chalkboard that lists the main jobs for the day read:

'4. More door leaning on the RBr'

We all know Dave meant 'Cleaning' but we won't let him forget, so here just for Dave is the greeting I got this morning when I arrived.

Cheryl doing some more door leaning.

After which five of us headed to the main running rake in Platform 1. for some window cleaning inside and out along with a wipe over for the tables.

If we can get the rake left in Platform 2 next Wednesday night we could wash the other side.

With 16 turning out today we got stuck in to a whole range of jobs.

On the RBr 1675

There was the usual round of painting things. We the wall side doors finished, Peter Lucus set about filling, rubbing down and gray coating them. Cheryl was lining and were Ron and Bob.

We did find a problem with the masking tape we use for the lining. Leave it on to long and tends to lift the shine of the layer its shielding. So we have revised our methodology. Only apply the tape and remove it on the day you paint. No more put it on Thursday and paint Saturday. 

Inside Ron Woodruff was emulsioning the saloon area and Robin Moore were busy on the window surrounds and working along the corridor.

While Ron Bennett who is rapidly taking up the reins from Alf Boston and becoming our new Endologist (he does the corridor connector bits etc) was first attaching the connector rubbers and then giving them a coat of tyre black.

On the SO 4790

Malcolm measured up and cut a new filler plate for the side frame.

Out in the barn Martin continued the filling, sanding and grey painting while Tony Seddon did some more of the same. I finished drilling out and re-riveting the skirt which had started to rattle and we got John Osborn to weld a section that had split away to badly for the rivets to hold effectively.

Now its defiantly a 'no no' to look anywhere near welding, so how did I take this picture?

I pointed the camera (well my phone that all these picture are taken on) at John,

Looked the other way
shut my eyes
and waited to hear the sparks as John got to work.

Well it sort of worked.
While he was at it he also welded in place the plate that Malcolm cut earlier.

Then he returned to the inevitable corner work, cutting out the first of the corners.

Note the new piece used as a template to cut round. So it should fit when he's ready to put it in place.

After all that he needed a holiday. Have a nice time with your bucket and spade John. It will still be waiting when you get back.

Other Bits

Dennis Richards was tackling and resolved a problem with one of the toilets on 24949. Well done Dennis.

He also held the ladder.
There were some peculiar suggestion as to why.

but really it was just taking it out of the way while John took some photos of 24949 on the front of the Elegant Excursions rake.

I also ventured down the yard to take some picture of the maroon rake, the Elegant Excursions rake and some other vehicles that will appear on other pages.

Oh and 7221 looking very sad and unloved in the garden road. Your turn will come.

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Anonymous said...


What a great start to a Blog!

I saw some of your teams handy work last year and I hope to see it again in a couple of weeks.

Keep up the great work and someday we will see what you are working on today @ Broadway!

Dave P.