Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday 29th. A Day of Doors

I am away on Grandparent duties. A ninth birthday for the eldest GC.
So our thanks to Dave for the report of Saturdays activity.
Saturday was a very busy day with a number of both large and small jobs undertaken, plus tours of Carriage and Wagon for the latest Silver Fire and Drive Experience and two visitors from Norfolk, and the first of a series of meetings to improve H&S in C&W. There were 15 volunteers in.

Early morning tea and general chat about the railway, what we have done, and are likely to do during the day.

Grenville Care with his cuppa.

Work continued apace on the RBr. The remaining double door to be completed (its on the wall side), was causing problems: -

Chris Taylor working on the strip of wood from the top of the door portal that was preventing door closure.

And once it shut the closing bolt at the base of the small door made it necessary to fit a metal angle strip to the door step. This had already been cut out and John Hamer  proceeded to grind this down to size.

The metal angle strip being sized up in its eventual location above the step.


Martin Jauch completed a lot of painting around the Kitchen door entrance of the RBr with Light Executive Grey top coat.

Cheryl and Dave refitted the grab handles for the two emergency exit doors on the RBr, after which Cheryl tidied up the black paintwork on both.

Cheryl also continued with some of the remaining lining out on the wallside of the RBr.

Posture dear posture!!!!

A considerable amount of work was done by Richard Johnson and Phil Salter on the sliding door linking the corridor of the RBr with the kitchen area. Problems were encountered when the door was closed in that the door base was catching on the lino and underlying flooring.

Phil Salter working on the top section of the sliding door.

The door to the store cupboard in the RBr was refitted having been previously painted in Light Executive Grey. Much of the corridor, and the store, staff compartment, and parts of the kitchen area have been painted in this colour.

Peter Hackett, Paul Wood and Phil Salter carefully maneuvering the store cupboard door into position. Is this many hands or to many cooks?

Paul Wood cleared the area within the kitchen for the new fridge. The fridge was later installed by Paul, Richard and Phil. The nearly new fridge was very kindly donated by John Hughes, one of our Thursday volunteers.
More progress on TSO 4790 in the Barn: -

Steve Barnfield continues with the seemingly never-ending task of creating new end panels for the seats.

Grenville Care continues with the greying-up of the exterior - the area underneath windows is particularly prone to corrosion, and thus often requiring replacement with a new section of metal, as was the case here (note the missing window!).

The light grey undercoat not only provides a base covering but also shows up every depression in the panel work, and is thus an excellent indicator for showing where more body work is required.

So he didn't just come in for the tea.

John Osborn continued with his welding of the first of the four new corner sections. In the workshop two further prefabricated corners have been prepared and primed ready for fitting.

On the CK 7221 (combined first and second class compartments) garden siding: -

Derek Clark continued with the replacement of sections of rotten flooring in the CK.

John Hill continued with his work to re-upholster the CK seating.

on the Elegant Excursions Kitchen Car: -

John Hamer and Dave Clark did some minor repairs to the bodywork.
John reseated a loose panel that had been used to cover a large hole,
while Dave did some more repairs to the paintwork.
Dave Clark taking the first of the two C&W tours for the Fire and Drive participants. The tour also visited the Signal Box. and got to drive 2807, while the 8F was on the train rosta for the day.

Dave later took two further visitors from Norfolk on an extensive tour of Carriage and Wagon, and the Yard.

After lunch the first of a series of meetings was held in the Mess Room to review H & S procedures in Carriage and Wagon. As happens in C&W Dennis Richards and Chris Taylor both have extensive experience of H & S guidance within their normal jobs so provide very useful experience.

Grenville and Cheryl discuss tactics - probably deciding what to do about Deputy Heads who hand out work and then spend half the day talking to visitors.

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