Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday 22nd The Chairman's Visit.

A few weeks ago Malcolm Temple our Chairman agreed to visit C&W for a question and answer session this afternoon.
However, that didn't stop the 27 volunteers who came along from getting in some very worthwhile work time in the morning.

On the RBr W 1672 and I proudly give it its carriage number today as did Richard.

Here is Malcolm Temple with that newly numbered carriage..

When Richard turns up with the lettering and numbering you know the carriage is really nearing completion.

This time he had rather more to apply than usual. Did you know that
 'Buffet Restaurant Car'
on the side of a carriage is nearly 25 feet long!

and there is of course one on both sides. Then there are also the Crests to be applied.
They all go on after the second top coat and before the varnish. There is one door still in need of its yellow lines before that on this side.

On the other side we still have some work to do on a couple of doors and the subsequent painting once its done. 

I know this looks just like Wednesday's picture of John Hamer removing some door trim, but here he is actually applying a new section. 

While I was doing another section of the inevitable lining.

Hey, how did Cheryl get hold of the camera.

Paul fixed the shelving back in the kitchen area.

Andy Thompson ensured smooth and easy access through the corridor connector.

And while Martin Jauch was sitting down on the job he did carefully paint round the gas tape. So hopefully no 'Flanders ans Swann' scenarios for us to deal with.

and Richard and John turned up again fitting the clear glass requested for the washing up sink area of the kitchen.

and finally on the RBr Dave was touching up the door edges. Always the attention to detail.

It such attention across all the volunteers that makes the difference and gets the travelling public commenting so favourably about our railway.

On 4790

John Squires was checking the nut on another section of the vacuum pipe before fitting. It ran up easily. Obviously the threat of those stilsons was enough. 

There was also a lot of filling and rubbing down and grey painting going on in the barn.

Steve escaped the seat ends for the day getting to grips with fitting bits in the RBr , though I'm not sure what. However, he hasn't forgotten the seat ends as he remarked in passing that there is ten to go.

On 7221

or at least for 7221 Michael Jackson was busy sanding the interior window surrounds. 

The Meeting

Mid afternoon Malcolm Temple and Richard Drewitt joined us for the meeting, along with several other members of C&W who just came along today for the meeting. 

Now are Railway Directors like buses I ask myself. Yes, as Andy Goodman also showed up even if not for the meeting.

Joking apart it was good to see them and hear first hand how things are going and what some of the issues are. We hope they will be back fairly soon. The meeting was far ranging and open and no doubt much of what was discussed either has already been the subject of Board Briefings, or soon will be.

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