Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday 15th

A land mark day. Today we have passed our first 1000 blog hits.

Thanks to everybody for your support and encouragement.

Today was a quiet day with a group of 12 visiting the West Somerset Railway there was only 8 stalwerts to carry on the work.

I was also entrusted with the keys, OH THE PRESSURE!!!! 

I remembered the keys ok, but left my lunch and Mobile Phone (thus camera) at home. So no new pictures today.

First to arrive was John Squires who disappered into the barn to progress the refitting of a section of the vacuum pipe that he repaired a few weeks ago. Its been waiting for the end section of SO 4790 to be repaired before refitting. After todays effort it will fit but still need a bit of welding to finally get the job done. - Over to the bright sparks (welders), Pete or John.

Next was Cheryl who finished the taping of the workshop side black line of the RBr for me to paint. She then got the brushes out and set about giving 2 doors their first coat of gloss and tidying up a few areas on the wall side of the carriage.

Chris and Nikki arrived and tackled a series of woodworking task inside the RBr trimming the windows and the kitchen ceiling. This was a tricky bit as it conceals some wiring, if only we knew exactly what the wiring was for but as we couldn't reach either end and it looks to be in good condition we left well alone.
7221 in the garden siding
Derek Clark came along and then left us for the inside of 7221 out on the garden siding.  After a lot of hammering and angle grinding a couple of sections of floor was removed and then condemned. He did reveal some flooring support metal work this will also need John or Pete to take a look.
Derek then spent a lot of time clearing sections of the floor sucking up the bits and emptying the vacuum cleaner. This was a somewhat repetitious job.

Great perseverance Derek.

Pete Hackett came in and got stuck. Well almost. He removed the masking tape in and around the staff quarters and store on the RBr. This had been there for a while and wanted to stay. In the end he managed to separate it from the walls and paint a few more bits of the trimming. He also made great efforts to clean up the cushions in the staff quarters. They look much better now, well done. Can we add a bucket of elbow grease to the next stock order?

The last member of our little team today was Bob Keyte out painter extraordinaire. He completed another section of the lining on the RBr then undercoated the last door left in gray and finished the top coat on a window we had somehow missed. Then he set about cleaning the paint from the window edges ready to start some varnishing on the workshop side of the RBr.

Me, I finished the lower black line workshop side on the RBr that Cheryl had taped. Then I did a section at the top of the wall side and painted some door stops while there weren't to many people around. I also finished the warning marker post for the yard.

Oh and I didn't go hungry, the bacon rolls from the restaurant car on the train are defiantly to be recommended. Try one next time you visit!


surfsuprich said...

Hi Peter,

Firstly, very interesting blog you have here - In fact, have to admit that it's thanks to the reccent post on Broadway Bill's Steaming to Broadway blog that id found you!Anyway, nice to see the progress upwards and onwards throught the various different departments.

Just have one question for you - Is / Has any work been carried out yet on the ex iarnród éireann steam van?



The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Yes but exactly what I'm not sure of so keep watching and I'll find out from a man who knows!

Richard Johnson said...

It currently has the boiler stripped down and is at Toddington awaiting a full examination by a boiler inspector. Once it is fully certified, we shall start rebuilding it.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

A little more info. The underframe has been adjusted to take the BR standard bogeys again. The roof has been repaired and the boiler system checked out to ensure it will work, i.e. all the bits are there it hold water and fires up. So quiet a lot of work has been done.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Richard & Peter for the updates, and hope all goes well with the restoration of the steam van - having seen one of the vans up in Downpatrick, it looks like you'll have your work cut out with the body sides!. Anyway, Keep up with the good work!