Saturday, 8 October 2011

October 8th

What a turn out almost half the temperature of last Saturday but almost double the volunteers at 21.

RBr 1672

Some big jobs were undertaken today.

Paul and Andy worked tirelessly in the heat of the Kitchen. Well Paul made the tea and it was on time. Joking apart they did sterling work sealing the ceiling in the kitchen area. The ceilings are never easy, it's all arm stretching above the head no matter how to attack it.

Underneath Richard and Bob Mac  set about installing the newly rebuilt gas and generator cabinet. Here Richard is just checking it will fit.

The ongoing task of applying all that paint was in the hands of:
Bob sorting out the lining on the workshop side,
Cheryl with the first top coat of an area on the wall side and then some lining. All those years of practice doing the eye liner have come in useful again,
Grenville took over painting the kitchen fittings
and me. I started on the black line further down the carriage today.

By the way welcome back Cheryl glad you felling better.

Nikki was chipping and sawing another replacement section of wood for a door.


Out in the barn there was a lot of effort going into the removal of part of the vacuum piping.
In the end to get at it the body was raised on the jacks. Its so much easier on the back!

There was also a considerable amount of filling and sanding.
John O was bashing and shapping the corner section at little more. Its nearly ready to fit.
Oh and Steve was once again working away on the seat ends. Sorry Steve I wasn't counting today as i had to leave early.

Other bits today.
First thing was a dash to the running set to replace a leaking vacuum seal and split vacuum pipe.

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