Sunday, 2 October 2011

In the heat on Saturday

With 6 regulars of on a jolly to Liverpool numbers were always going to be low, so 11 wasn't to bad and we got a lot done. Even if the new tea boy was late at all three breaks!!

On the RBr
Bob K led the way with the second top coat on most of the workshop side of the coach. There's just the window surrounds the three doors and the two end sections to go. Well done Bob.

On the wall side I completed the lower yellow line over 2/3 of the length of the carriage which is all that's ready thus far and then the top line 1/3 of the way along.

Chris & Nikki spent the day carving and fitting some new wood sections for the end door supporting frame having discovered the lock mechanism was loose due to rotten wood behind it.

On 4790

Pete F completed the re-welding of another section of the carriage end and then sorted a frame for the electric point below.

Meanwhile John H was busy mid coach preparing the refit of one of the missing windows.

At the other end of the carriage John was busy fabricating the 3rd corner section, only one to go John!

John & Derek attacked the floor identifying rotten areas. It may have been quicker to find the good bits! Please can we have a new floor. Please.

Other Bits.

Remember that end panel? Steve trimmed the edges of 3 more today, good going.

Is that 12 still to go?

Following the dept heads meeting Thursday Richard said we needed to install a new power supply point in the yard.

Well it just so happens I scrapped my daughters swing on Wednesday, she is 38 now, and threw the bits in the bin at Winchcombe Thursday (to raise some money for the railway), today we got it out again as the angle iron was just what was needed.

Here Steve admires Pete's handy work with the welder as he fits the electrical box to its new frame. He then went up the yard and installed and tested it.
All working, job done Richard.

And finally. One of the little pleasures we have at the moment with the loco's resident.

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