Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Forward Planning

With the hoped for completion of the RBr 1672 in the workshop by the end of October some forward planning has been done.  

The plan is that RBr 1672 will be followed by the P/way Brake Gangwayed coach (also known as a Full Brake) BG 92350.

A lot of interior work and external repairs have already been done so it should mainly be a paint job, unlined maroon. That should take until about the end of November

 After that SO 4790 should move into the workshop, from the Barn. That should fit in nicely with the fact that during the winter shut down P/Way are planning to re-lay the track through Winchcombe station and so will severely limit our shunting capability.

SO 4790 should be finished and ready for the new season at the beginning of March. Now looking at the current pictures you may say 'pigs might fly', well C&W do have a reputation to keep up, so we will see!
What replaces SO 4790 in the barn is still under consideration.

The plan is also to overhaul the Commonwealth bogies we have where the axleboxes are jammed in the horn guides. This will be done in our workshop, and a pair of Commonwealth bogies will replace the grey GWR van. We have to obtain new pedestal liners for the axleboxes. Eight are needed for each bogie and they will cost at least £100.00 each. (So thats why they went to the West Somerset Railway, to learn how to do it!) 

The maintenance gang will start their full winter maintenance of the running sets in January. This will include brake adjustment and brake block replacement as necessary; axle oil box overhaul; buckeye lubrication and adjustment. A supply of new brake blocks has been ordered; a drum of axle box oil is probably required.

The completion of SO 4790 will give us seven fully refurbished and overhauled chocolate & cream coaches in the main rake. As Richard says 'That will be a credit to everyone at C&W'.

Thanks for both the information and your confidence.

We have busy times ahead.

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