Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chocolate & Cream RBr Paint

Dave has not let me down! I asked the question of how many colours actual go on the carriages.

Thanks Dave.

Dave replied:

Ref your comment on last Thursday's Blog about the number of paint colours used on the RBr, for interest I have listed these as follows: -

red oxide
grey etch primer
u/c light grey
u/c cream
u/c brown
u/c white
t/c cream
t/c brown
t/c white
t/c light executive grey
t/c yellow (Goldcup)
t/c Royal Mail red
t/c silver grey
t/c flint grey
t/c black (Brush Finish)
t/c underframe black
t/c dark grey (blue-bias)
t/c orange
t/c light blue
t/c Oxford Blue
stove white
stove silver
stove black
black tyre paint
yellow-cream emulsion
white wood primer
clear varnish
black bitumastic paint

Counting varnish and primers, it comes to 28, and I expect I've forgotten something! The RBr is exceptional with all the extra paints for the kitchen area and utilities, and the emulsion for the seating area.

Typically the cost of all primers, paints, varnish and transfers for a coach is about £400-£600 depending on the level of refurbishment, and the vehicle type and livery.

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