Sunday, 26 April 2020

Working from Home

While some people can work from home its not easy for everybody.

and as we have seen there is a long list of jobs tat home to do. May of us have been working our way through them. Andy Thompson has joined that band of shed and fence painters.

but our thoughts keep turning back to the GWsR. Andy has perhaps taken it mnore to heart than other he even has a viaduct on his garden railway. 

I just hope everyone remembers to SOP LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the line

Other people are staying in practice for a return to C&W. The Saturday morning Tea break is apparently well attended. Paul, Richard, Denn, Phil and Paul.

In the mean time Dave Hewitt's bar work has progressed on a couple of slightly gloomier days. It is largely complete

with fridge and ice sink 

Stock taking is in progress.  The bar still needs glass shelves in front of the mirrors, but they'll have to wait until the glazier reopens.  Then we'll be able to put the rest of the bottles behind the bar.

and the first customers are getting comfortable.

George is often seen with some artwork in progress at lunch time in C&W. This is one he has been doing at home. Perhaps a little early for War in the Cotswolds.

Of course the normal chores have still to be done.

Cheryl (her own words) put on her brave pants and braved the supermarket bulk buying the asparagus yum

My wife refused to allow me to do the same and made a Chocolate and cream face mask.

More gardening to be done I cut the wisteria well back from the windows only 2 weeks ago!

If you are looking for a small project to keep you busy  Des found this layout for the smallest room 

3 comments: said...

That art work is absolutely brilliant,

St Blazey 1925 said...

I agree that George is ace with his art. Can he draw trains?
Regards and stay safe, Paul.

Anonymous said...

no small room?