Saturday, 21 March 2020

then nothing .... almost

With the sudden change in government policy the Railway has stopped running trains. One week-end and the race trains then nothing.

we except for the odd goods train delivering supplies to the team working on the land slip at Gotherington. That repair is still continuing, so when we do get to run again maybe it will be all repaired.

As is the background work of those willing to turn up for the non operational departments like C&W.

The works are big enough that we can maintain social separation while still providing some social interaction. Some physical exercise and fresh air especially if we leave the barn roller shutters open!

Numbers are naturally way down as many of our team are well into the at risk category. However, there are those who can't stand staying cooped up indoors and need to get out.

So Wednesday saw a group of 8 sign in. 2 to collect some wood to work on at home. Yes we really do have homeworkers even in C&W. for the rest of us it was almost which workshop do you want you can have it all to your self a new variation of lone working for us.

Steve has started installing the seat frames for the the sdaloon area of 34929. I suspect this was Saturday but I missed it.

Ken now has the woods set out for both north and south ends of CK16221

and the RBr's old Kitchen units have been removed 

as has the dividing wall between kitchen and staff quarters the opened out area will enable use of therstaff area which wasn't used so constituted a waste of space for us.

The old fridge unit has also been loosened ready for removal.

David had the upholstery shop to himself and continued making new seat side panels

some end blocks got a coat of paint they help position the buffer locking collar when its not in use.

Social isolation was maintained with a tabl;e each.

Jeff and Phil found some finishing off bits to do on 4772.

while Richard Budd made a new alarm system for the RBr batteries. when they power out put from the batteries drops to a certain level it will trigger an alarm prompting the staff to start up the generator amongst other things.

and Chez was with us in spirit having left her hat behind last time she was in.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Thanks for the update. Good to read of what is still going on and that the railway has not quite become a ghost town!
Also nice to read any blog in these troubled times - Must have been like this in the last war, not knowing what will happen tomorrow so to speak.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

stay safe Paul