Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Ready to go - then?

Well Just about ready that is. There was still the generator to service for the RBr.

and to re-install and test. along with the final shunting of the third rake into the correct order.

The shunt had to be completed in between the trains on the first day of service.

Then what's next?

well there is still 4772 to complete. Steve fitted the sliding doors in the north end.

The toilet doors goy another coat paint.

while Phil started re-ftting the sinks

and the toilets

on 34929 George painted up one of the doors in undercoat grey having spent  time sanding and filling it.

The sliding door to the new saloon area had a final fit and adjustments the locks still need to go on.

A new section of skirting board has been made for the corridor

And the lower section of the barn wall has been upgraded from plastic sheeting to crinkly tin and painted. The metal sheeting was some left over from another job that we have now put to good use. It improves the security and the draft proofing of the barn.

Who said we had stopped improvising solutions to holes. The old tin can trick still has its place although we no longer use it to fill holes in the bodywork of carriages.

A carriage passing through the works for a quick fix also got an upgrade to the water tank filler pipe. A hole was found with just tape covering it but the hole was in a place that would require a lot more time than was available to fix properly. So a tin can patch was cut and new tape, we spared no expense,  was wrapped round it. It doesn't notice and will hold rather better until we can have a more serious look at it maybe next winter.... or the one after that.

A final touch of paint to the war week-end ban which is now waiting an opportunity to be shunted out.

what will take its place well one suggestion is this the small tank loaded on a vacuum braked conflat wagon. Amoung other things we need to check the length of the wagon to see if it fits the space avalable.

Alex found an end door to paint. Hopefully 4772 will be outshopped soon and a proper paint job will be available........ a whole carriage!

The grab handles are our own design following comments from a member of the department about the difficulties of using the disabled access entrances on foot.  We have fitting them to 34929 on the Malvern side. There are some for the Cotswold side but they just aren't fitted yet. These are reachable from outside the carriage to assist entrance as well as steadying on descent from the carriage. They are actually mounted onto steel plates welded to the body side structure not the wood panelling.

What else lays ahead well we need to start on the RBr 1675 to replace RBr 1672 which is currently in service.

An initial sortie and some basic bits of work started Last Saturday

There is

a long 


 to go!

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St Blazey 1925 said...

A lot of work done and looking good.
Q: the pictures of the interior of the RBr. The seating don't look original. Am I correct? A bit too modern looking for the 1950's perhaps.
Regards, Paul.